FTP web hosting

Even among the well knowledge people about the computers, networking and in the information technology has a misunderstanding or confusion between the FTP Web Hosting and FTP service provided under the website hosting.

In real they both use the same technique to transfer files (File Transfer Protocol) but they vary extremely in the services they provide.

What is "FTP Hosting Sites"?

FTP Hosting is the hosting service that helps one person to share or to exchange files with other peoples through internet using a secure online file storage system.

The primary benefit of the "FTP Hosting" is that the user never needs to worry about the file size and file type restrictions. Using this process they actually bypasses the user's email service.

Another key benefit of FTP Hosting the users can manage their files and folders from any computer that hooked to the internet. Each of the folders are password protected so it provides the high-level security to the files from unauthorized accessing of it.

What are the difference between the FTP Service under "Website Hosting" and "FTP Hosting"?

The ftp service under the website hosting usually using provides a single FTP account that mainly used by the webmaster to maintain the files of the website whereas in the "FTP Hosting" a user can have between two and a thousand FTP accounts. Each account will be password protected and the files, folders and accounts can be managed from any computer that has an internet connection in it.

These types of hosting service are designed primarily to transferring files between the individual/company and to the multiple individuals or companies.

When and why there is necessarily for someone requires more than one "FTP Hosting" account?

At the time someone have large files that need to be shared among with multiple clients and vendors.

By using the multiple accounts and their ability for them to protect the files and folders using password one can send and receive the files from your clients and vendors without worrying about the security of the files being accessed by the other clients or vendors.

The companies of type like engineering firms, designers, transcription's, printers, lawyers, artists, developers, medical practices and businesses that they have a need to securely transfer large files via the Internet.

What will be cost to get a "FTP Hosting"?

It typically cost only fraction of the cost of sending the files via conventional methods such as using DHL, FedEx, UPS or other postal services. While sending the files through the "FTP Hosting" there is no need to pickup and delivery charges. There is no damaged shipments and no lost media. Apart from that one can access, upload and download the files from any computer connected to the internet.

There are lot of free ftp web hosting service are available. It requires a good service it may cost around between $3.50 per week to $55 per month for the basic service. Most of the web hosting with ftp service does not require a contract, one can terminate the service at any time without facing any termination fees.

Some of the ftp hosting service provider allow the users to test their service before one subscribes.

Which is the best ftp hosting company?

The instantFTPSites.com is one the top-ranking FTP hosting firms on the market today. They are well known for its excellent customer service and they can be reached live through the customer support desk via toll-free telephone 5 days a week with the extended support times. The reliability of their Dell Servers has been excellent and it provides standard uptime guarantees.

The instantFTPSites.com has their own customized FTP Admin Control Panel. The navigation menus and the icons in the admin control panel are created for each feature in the panel is very easy to understand and to use it. They also have integrated the number of permission features to make the management of account very simple and easy to configure it.

Can you provide us a List of some of the cheap ftp hosting providers

The list below are the some of the cheap and best hosting service providers available in the market place.

  1. www.instantFTPSites.com - $6.25 - 1000MB - Unlimited - 30 days Money back guarantee
  2. www.ultimateFTP.com - $7.50 - 1000MB - 100GB - 30 days Money back guarantee
  3. www.FTPMadeSimple.com - $11.95 - 2000MB - 25GB - 30 days Money back guarantee
  4. www.MyEasyFTP.com - $9.95 - 3000MB - 100GB - 30 days Money back guarantee
  5. www.FastFTPSites.com - $12.99 - 2500 MB - 100 GB - 30 days Money back guarantee
  6. www.FTPforArchitects.com - $7.95 - 3000 MB - 50 GB - 30 days Money back guarantee
  7. www.HostMyFTP.com - $7.95 - 4000 MB - 50 GB- 30 days Money back guarantee
  8. www.TransferFilesNow.com $7.95 - 5000 MB - 75 GB - 30 days Money back guarantee
  9. www.JLTechs.com $7.96 - 3000 MB - 50 GB - 30 days Money back guarantee
  10. www.FTPFORTRANSCRIPTION.com $12.50 - 500 MB - UNLIMITED- 30 days Money back guarantee

The instantFTPSites.com is the best and cheap overall host. The FTPMadeSimple.com is the reliable host. The MyEasyFTP.com is the host with great features. The FTPforarchitects.com is the popular host as an ftp image hosting service among the architects. The HOSTMYFTP.com is well known for their good support for their services. The TransferFilesNow.com is popular in the weekly special offers under the servers. The JLTechs.com is the one of the fast ftp hosting.

The FTPforTranscription.com is a major player since they are HIPAA Compliant and service the entire medical industry. It offers robust features when compared to other ftp hosts. They are one of the cheapest ftp hosting services providers for the transcriptions. A great feature of it's their elaborate administrative control panel features. The FTPforTranscription.com is specialized in providing FTP hosting and File Transfer services for the medical society. FTPforTranscription.com maintains the highest level of security in the industry.

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