Web browser

Introduction of web browser

A web browser is a soft ware application for presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. The information resource is identified by URI i.e. Uniform resource identifier and may be a web page, image, video or any other piece of contact. Because of the presence of hyperlinks present in the resource help the users to navigate their browsers to related resource. Although browsers are basically used to access www (World Wide Web), they can also be used to access information provided by web server's inn private networks.

The major web browsers available are:-

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mazilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera
  • These all are available for windows and for Macintosh web browsers are:-
  • Mazilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Apple safari

The history of web browser is in 1980's when various technologies were made for first web browser, World Wide Web which was introduced by Tim burners - lee in 1991. This browser brought various new soft ware and hardware technologies. The introduction of mosaic web browser 1993, the first graphical web browser leads to the excessive use of web throughout the world. But when Microsoft launched with its browser internet explorer them. Microsoft when bundles its internet explorer with windows, this leads to leverage its domininance in operating system market to take over web browser industry. Internet explorer has 95% of share of its customer in 2002 and 65%in October 2009. Where as opera launched in 1996 and has only 2%of browser usage share in October 2009.and whereas firefox launched in 1998 and it has 24% of web browser usage share. Whereas apples safari was launched in 2003 and has 4% of web browser usage share in the web browser industry. The Google chrome was released in September 2008 and it has 4% usage share. The primary function of browser is to bring information to the users.


Google chrome was launched an 2nd September, 2008.The beta version of Google which was application framework and weskit layout engine. The name is derived from the graphical user interface frame or chrome was fourth most widely used browser, having 3.6% of usage share of web browsers throughout the world. Google released its chrome having its v8 java script engine as an open source prefect entitled chromium in 2008.The features available in Google chrome are:

Features available in Google chrome

The aim of Google chrome is to increase the speed, stability and to improve the security. The strength of Google chrome lies in its application performance and java script processing speed, both of them can be verified by multiple websites to be swiftest among the mayor browsers of its time. The features which has been launched by Google in Google chrome has been previously announced by other web browsers also but the Google was the only one who launched all there features in Google chrome. The features available at Google chrome are %


The speed of Google chrome is much higher the others like safari and firebox ,Internet explores java script virtual machine used by Google chrome is v8 java script engine has various features in it like dynamic code generation, precise garbage collection and hidden class transitions. According to the tests in 2008 by Google it was found that v8 was twice as fast as firebox and weskit nighttimes. Google chrome also uses DNS to increase the speed of website look ups. These all features in creases the speed of the Google chrome and make it faster than its competitors. This is the main feature which distinguishes Google chrome from others.


In the chrome there has been multi-process architecture has been implemented, which has been implemented by gears team. This is same as LCIE (loosely coupled internet explores) which has been implemented by Internet explores 8.In this, separate process has been allocated to each site instance . This prevents tasks from inter faring with each other and this increases stability and security. Another task manager has also been introduced for process management utility which helps the users to see that which sites are using the most downloading the bytes and memory.


Google chrome has a feature of security in it. This security feature is done through Google safe Browsing API” Google periodically downloads the updates of two blacklists and warn the users when are going to open that harmful site. It also has the feature of private browsing .In private browsing the history of our visited sites is not being stored in cookies .The browsing on internet private and provides safety and security to the user.

User Interface

There is new tab page in Google chrome. The new tab page is used to display thumbnails of 8 most visited sites. The thumbnails can be pinned, removed and also it can be rearranged. It also has a feature of “Recently closed “bar that shows us recently closed takes and a ‘tips” section that helps in displaying hints and tricks for using the browser.


When Google chrome was launched in 2008, applications programming Interface was planned .The chrome has already announced that their extension system has already begun. On 9 September ,2009,Google extended by default on chrome's dev channel, and it provided several sample extensions for testing. The Google has opened chrome, s extensions gallery to tell that beta will also be launched soon in the market.

Usage tracking

Chrome sends details about how to use Google through non optional as well as optional user tracking system . Some tracking systems can be enabled and disabled optionally through the installation of interface. It can also be done through browser's options dialog Anchormen is freeware program that has been made to erase the user id on hard drive.


The user can install themes to alter the appearance of their web browser. There are many free themes that are provided on aniline gallery and user can also get themes from the “Get themes “button in chrome's options and then by clicking the image link on the new page tab, you will get the theme for your web browser for changing the appearance of their web browsers.

Google chrome is not only a search engine

Google chrome is not only a search engine but they will be in:

Google chrome OS

Google chrome so is open source operating system which has been released by Google. This is launched particularly for web applications. Google chrome as is based on Linux and it targets specifically designed hardware. The target of Google chrome is those persons who uses computer the most and they spend most of the time on computer. The Google chrome as will be having a very high speed of starting the system as it will be starting the system in 7 seconds only and whereas others takes much more time than this Google chrome as to start the system.

Google chrome internet explorer

If we are not able to install chrome then wean use internet explores, there is a way it use chrome's rendering engine inside Internet explores is. Google chrome frame. Google frame is an option for users who write web applications and who uses HTML or CSS features that are available in every modern browser except Internet explores. With Google frame we can%.

  • Start using open web technologies.
  • Take advantage of java script performance improvements to make your applications more responsive and faster.

Google chrome iphone: -

Google chrome will in iphones also which increases the efficiency of the iphone and it will lead to the comfort and easiness to the customer who will be using this iphone having Google chrome in it.

Twitter Google chrome

Twitter is free service that lets the user to keep in touch with people through exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question:

What's happening? Join today to start receiving chrome browser's tweets. This massage sends the user to the different people and this helps him to keep in touch with the people.

Google chrome net book

Net books are small laptop which allows the people to work on internet and to surfing internet including web mail, social networking and various other applications. Now Google chrome OS has started with net books also to make people comfortable and provides them more speed and efficiency.

Google chrome web kit

Google chrome is a web kit based browser. As we can see the example that to the right, Google browser have tabs on the top and speed dial front page like opera.

And the back and it has features like:-

  • New super fast java engine called V8
  • The browser tabs are all separate processes so as if one crashes it doesn't require a browser to restart.

The auto completion feature is also been available

Microsoft in web browser Industry

Internet explorer is a graphical web browser developed by Microsoft and was included as a part of Microsoft windows line of operating system starting in 1995. Since 1999 the internet explorer has been used by most of the people across the world that uses internet. It has 95% of usage share in 2002 and 2003. this percentage declines because many competitors come in front to compete with them like mozilla firefox. And later on its shore has been decreased and now in 2009 its share is 65%. Now Microsoft has released internet explorer 8 which is available as a free update from windows xp. There are various versions of internet explorer for other operating system like:-

  • Internet Explorer for Mac
  • Internet Explorer for UNIX
  • Internet Explorer Mobile

It was firstly realsed as apart of Windows 95 as a add on package with Windows 95 in 1995. Then later versions were when released then it was available as free downloads or in service packs it was made available. The internet explorer project was started in 1994 by Thomas Reardon there are various internet explorers as with different numbers it is available. They have different features in it.

Features in Internet Explorer

Internet explorer has been designed to view a broad range of web pages and to provide certain features within the operating system such as Microsoft update. The recent developments made in internet explorer 8 are:-

Browse within private:-

It means that the user's history of opened sites can be deleted as it can be made confidential that the user has opened which site and the user can operate privately as the history of opened sites is not saved. So, they can open sites without leaving any trace behind.


This helps in doing our regular work fast. As in this we can highlight the text and then click on blue accelerators to get various suggestions. This feature can be used to translate words mailing something to the friend and finding directions.

Gather content from websites using web slices: -

The web slices record the frequently visited sites. If the page is not opened then a green icon will appear on light site of the browser, we have to click on it to subscribe. When some new information is available, the web slice becomes highlighted.

Get search suggestions with instant search:-

The search suggestion feature is being installed. In this we don't have to type full thing to get it searched after typing few words this feature give suggestions of the words and we can choose from it and images also come along with it.

Stay safe with smart screen filters:-

This feature gives warning to the user that the website which user is going to visit can harm his operating system and it makes the whole screen red to make the user alert of the danger after visiting that website.

Google chrome can shake the position of Microsoft in web browser industry

The Google chrome can definitely shake the position of Microsoft in web browser industry as it has already started its work by getting the market share in one year only. The market share of Google chrome is 3.6% within a year but Whereas the Microsoft market share has been eroded by the launch of Google chrome and it decreases to 65% as earlier it was higher. It can be expected that if chrome can get a market share of 3.6% in one can leave behind Microsoft. And now the shore of internet explorer (Microsoft) in industry has further been decreased by 1% and it comes to 64.7% in October 2009.

It is being expected that because of various reasons Google chrome can shake the position of Microsoft those can be, that makes the Google chrome completely different from Microsoft that is

The browser IS the OS :-

Google chrome in itself is a browser as well a operating system it doesn't need any internet explorer or any firefox its working.

All applications are web applications, no installations required:-

There will be need for installation of applications. There will be all applications available with in it itself that no need is there to install any kind of application.

It's designed to fix itself:-

The main focus of chrome is on security. The application to be used is secured and is kept in “security sandboxes” so that there would not come any virus and whereas Microsoft is not concerned about this matter.

Super fast start up speed:-

The startup speed will be high as compared to the Microsoft as the system will be on within few se conds but whereas the Microsoft's operating system takes time to start up the operating system.

Chrome OS doesn't support drivers and will not run on your laptop :-

The chrome will work only on hard disks: - It is meant for net books. Many hard disk manufactures want Google chrome in their net books and it may evade the market of Microsoft.

These all things may evade the market of Microsoft. The Google will shake the position of Microsoft through its speed as its Google chrome os is a very high speed that enables to start the computer or system within seven seconds but whereas other takes longer time to start the system.

The ways by which Google chrome can kill the Microsoft

There are various ways in which the Google chrome OS can erode the market of Microsoft windows:-

It's free of cost: -

Google chrome as will be free and it will challenge Microsoft's hefty licensing payments. It will also be having good features backed by Google docs.

It is quick :-

The time taken by Google chrome OS will be lesser than that of Microsoft's window and it increases the speed as it will take only 7 seconds to restart the system.

Fully integrated:-

Google chrome OS will syn our mails, documents as long as we have gmail account and put all date into “Big G” ecosystem” whereas Microsoft windows didn't have this facility. The Microsoft window doesn't sync it as long as Google chrome OS.

Epic battery life:-

Google chrome's application will be designed in such a way that the use of processor will be minimum. That means are battery life will increase. This means that when we do mails our battery will not be lost much as lost by Microsoft's internet explorer.

The other reasons may be that Google is taking net books. This will reduce the market there of Microsoft. The Google chrome is in mobiles also which can shake the Microsoft windows.

The Google chrome OS is expected to be tied up with Google's search and web services that it may help more to small and midsize businesses to more toward an enterprise software solution. This may evade Microsoft from the market as it will be more demanded by the people because of its features and this may erode the whole of the market of Microsoft.

The Google chrome OS will be mobile home for users' market which help in surfing net and using internet will become more easy and comfortable for not so speedy and as well not so efficient and also it doesn't give comfort to the customers.

While installing Microsoft windows, it adds to the price of the machine but the Google chrome so doesn't increase the price of the machine.

It will be cheap: -

There will be no battery consumption this is all because everything being worked in a cloud. So we can expect net book will be cheap and we can imagine how much it will harm to the Microsoft.

Not only for net books: -

Google chrome is being in net books, it doesn't mean that they are only in net books they are in many other ways too. Though with the market of net books it will harm the Microsoft allot.

Easy to use :-

All applications will be done from one screen only it will make the user to work easily and efficiently Google chrome is straight forward and people can access it easily but other are not so easy to use and also don't have all application in one screen only.

One more point in this could be that Google chrome is available in 50 languages and whereas the Microsoft is available in 25 languages this may lead to the more market there to be captured by the Google chrome.


There are various feature in Google chrome that makes it different from Microsoft and this is the speed of the working of Google chrome and the various other application are available on single screen which give comfort to the users and the Google chrome is also going to launch Google chrome OS which will evade the market of Microsoft as the Google chrome Os will start its operating system in 7 seconds and also it is going to work on net books and the Microsoft has its main contribution towards net book and this also may evade the market as it has already started its work by evading the market share of Microsoft by some percentage it can evade the Microsoft market.

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