Punjab National Bank

TOPIC -Marketing strategies of PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK.

Introduction of PNB:

Punjab National Bank with 4497 offices and the largest nationalised bank is serving its 3.5 crore customers with the following wide variety of banking services:

* Corporate banking

* Personal banking

* Industrial finance

* Agricultural finance

* Financing of trade

* International banking

Punjab National Bank has been ranked 38th amongst top 500 companies by The Economic Times. PNB has earned 9th position among top 50 trusted brands in India.

Punjab National Bank India maintains relationship with more than 200 leading international banks world wide. PNB India has Rupee Drawing Arrangements with 15 exchange companies in UAE and 1 in Singapore.

PNB Online

Punjab National Bank of India is also a member of SWIFT and more than 150 PNB Branches are connected with terminals in Mumbai. It promotes "Any Time, Any Where Banking".

PNB offers Internet Banking services for both to the Corporates and Individuals. It provides 24 hours, 365 days banking from the PC of the user. A user can operate anytime and from anywher its accounts. The following are some of the services available online:

* Access to account

* Complete details of transactions and statement of account

* Online information of deposits, loans overdraft account etc.

* Online Payment Facility for railway reservation through IRCTC Payment Gateway Project

* Online Utility Bill Payment Services which allows Internet Banking account holders to pay their telephone, mobile, electricity, insurance and other bills anytime from anywhere from their desktop.

Punjab National Bank Card user can buy goods and enable services from 45,000 merchant outlet in India and can withdraw cash from over 4500 ATMs with its own 450 ATMs.

Punjab National Bank Branches

Punjab National Bank has its Branches in all the 7 metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities in Inadi namely New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. It even has its branches in small town in both urban as well as rural areas.

PNB is always focussing on expanding abroad and till date has identified some emerging economies abroad. They are in few of these places.

* Almaty

* Kazakhktan

* Shanghai

* China

* London

* Kabul

* Afghanistan

Main Services of PNB:-

§ PNB are providing various service to its valuable customers and to corporate.

§ Savings Fund Account - PNB Prudent Sweep, Total Freedom Salary

§ Account, PNB Vidyarthi SF Account, PNB Mitra SF Account

§ Current Account - PNB Smart Roamer, PNB Vaibhav, PNB Gaurav

§ Fixed Deposit Schemes - Mahabachat Schemes, Spectrum Fixed Deposit Scheme, Anupam Account, Multi Benefit Deposit Scheme

§ Credit Schemes - PNB Flexible Housing Loan, Car Finanace, Personal Loan

§ Social Banking - Krishi Card, PNB Farmers Welfare Trust, Mahila Udyam Nidhi Scheme

§ Corporate Banking - EXIM finance, Gold Card scheme for exporters

§ Business Sector - PNB Vikas Udhami, PNB Karigar credit card, PNB Kushal Udhami, PNB Pragati UdhamiMoreover, the Punjab National Bank of India also offers locker facilities, senior citizens schemes, PPF schemes and various E-services to their customers.

7Ps of Punjab national bank:


Banking and Savings

Banking and Accounts

Convenience Banking

Credit Cards

NRI Services


DepositsCorporate and Institutional

Corporate Finance


Investment Banking

Institutional EquitiesInvestments and Insurance

Life Insurance

Mutual Funds


The price mix in the banking sector is nothing but the interest rates charged by the different banks. In today's competitive scenario where customer is the king, the banks have to charge them interest at a rate in accordance with the RBI directives. Banks also compete in terms of annual fees for services

like credit cards, DMAT etc. Another important aspect of the bank's pricing policy today is the interest charged on the Home Loans and Car Loans. With India's economy progressing, there are more and more buyers seeking these loans but at a very competitive interest rate. Let's understand this with an example. A particular buyer approaches a bank for a car loan for a period of 3 years. He is charged Rs. 20,000 as interest. However, if a sale representative of another bank comes to know of this deal, he will try to attract the customer by giving him a better deal i.e. a loan at a lower rate on interest. In this way, it is the customer that ultimately benefits.Here is an example of some of the prices charged by PNB bank for their services




Personal Selling:

Cross-Sale (Selling At Competitors Place)Personalized Service


Print Media:

Newspaper Magazines


Campus Visits Sponsorship

Sales Promotion:



Serves over 37 million customers.



Bank has got standardized procedures got typical transactions. In fact not only all the branches of a single-bank, but all the banks have some standardization in them. This is because of the rules they are subject to. Besides this, each of the banks has its standard forms, documentations etc. Standardization saves a lot of time behind individual transaction.


There are specialty counters at each branch to deal with customers of a particular scheme. Besides this the customers can select their deposit period among the available alternatives.


Internet/Web Pages




Business Cards



Financial Reports


Punch Lines

Employee's Dress Code



§ Extremely Competitive And Profitable Banking Franchise

§ Banking Services Include Corporate Credit, Retail Banking, Business Banking, Capital Markets, Treasury And International Banking.

§ Sound Technological Platform With Centralized Database And Operations


§ Higher cost

§ Customer service


§ Large retail and corporate market

§ Wide scope in rural India

§ Other Activity (Non Banking Activity)

§ People are become more service oriented


§ Other better Saving, investment option available (like Insurance, Mutulfund, Real-estate, Gold)

§ Government Rules And Regulation

§ Very high competition with Private sector (ICICI Bank, HDFC bank).

§ Capital Market slow-down

§ Rising Rates

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