Question #1 Required

Describe what leadership means to you. What qualities do you have that make you a leader? (200 words max)

From my point of view, I hold that there are three essential characteristics for a successful leader. These are also characteristics that my experiences have instilled in me.

Foresight:leader must know his or her job and have a solid familiarity with his or her team mates' tasks. They don't manage their own issues, they calculate others issues as well. In their minds, they don't regard themselves as leaders; they believe the success of the team outweighs the power of the individual. They foresee the future and motivate others and make them surpass their limit.

Perseverance: My perseverance led me to challenge myself, and achieve many significant steps in the past few years in student leadership. From grade 7 to grade 10, I served as the monitor of the first MYP (Middle Year Program) class at my school. After 1,403 days spent working hard with amiable teachers and classmates, we fulfilled the requirements to become a recognized IB world school.

Decisiveness: A successful leader takes decisive actions even if sometimes it is wrong. A good leader will take responsibility for the failure, and admit to making mistakes.

Question #2 Required

Describe and evaluate one experience, during the last four years, that has significantly influenced your academic goals. (200 words max)

For me, traversing unfamiliar waters, and experiencing the distinct culture of the North American people has been one of the most valuable experiences in my last four years.

In the summer of 2007, I traveled to Canada and USA. I was really lucky to have had a hospitable homestay at Mama Rosa's house. In Canada, Mama Rosa brought us to the local church to experience the atmosphere of Christianity. I was deeply touched by the piety of local people. They pray together, sing together, cry together and share their enriching stories together.

Enormous joy then came from the group exploration game in our experience in the Big Apple. It was the very first time I explored such a big city and faced the problems of where to have meals, how to use the fastest speed to get to our destination. I genuinely embraced the lessons learned, because certainly they cannot be learned in any schoolbook.

The experience brought me closer to comprehend the world and people around me. With such an experience, I started to consider about my future endeavors which made me decided to strive for an opportunity to study in Canada and a greater stage to present myself.

Additional Information (optional)

Please include any additional information about yourself that you would like the Admissions Committee to consider when reviewing your application. (500 words max.)

Numbers are the most rigorous and useful thing that were created by man to effectively control the disordered world. I have been fascinating by numbers since I was a little boy. It is, of course, impossible for me to recall when I first counted, but the times when I played Monopoly with my cousin and managed the “money” for investments has always stayed in my memory.

The subjects I am studying in my IB diploma program provide a good grounding in the skills and knowledge needed for the two interrelated disciplines of Accounting and Finance. My English Language study has guaranteed that I can make critical analyses and communicate clearly and effectively in both the spoken and written modes in a bilingual setting. Physics and Mathematics have me to develop my experimental and analytical problem-solving skills, as well as ensured that my abilities have breadth of knowledge. Although there is no accounting lesson in the IB curriculum, I have independently studied basic accounting knowledge and read several books on the subject to acquire skills. I really enjoy the great sense of fulfillment when I calculate and analyze data.

My study of Economics has offered me a chance to broaden my horizons, and to explore the truth behind the curtain of at the same time. I am engaged by so many questions: how do we solve problems from the point of view of economists and politicians? What are the reasons for us to trade globally? How do theories work? Throughout this process of discovery, my interest and belief in numbers have been strengthened.

My two years spent studying and living in Singapore provided me with a world view that I am eager to continue expanding. In Singapore, I met people from different countries with diverse backgrounds. Being with Malaysian and Indian students from breakfast to bed-time help me to attain a clear perspective of cultural differences, and taught me to respect those differences. I learned that making friends with others is essential for a worry-free life on campus and open-mindedness is a necessity for survival.

“The pain of studying is temporary, the pain of not having learned is life-long.” This saying, the motto on the wall of the Harvard University library, is one of the most important things my economics teacher has taught me. He told us this adage to teach us the significance of study while we were learning about opportunity costs. I confess that it can really be tedious to study what you have no interest at all, but it is a great joy to study that with which you are obsessed. I truly hope that my belief in numbers and enthusiasm for study and communications can lead me to a position in UBC and a chance to study what I love.

References * Required

Please submit the names of three referees who we can contact to verify the information you have submitted in your application. One of your referees must be a school official (grade 12 or senior year counsellor, or IB Coordinator) who can comment on the information you have included above. The other referees can be a teacher, guidance counsellor or employer. A referee may not be a friend or a family member.

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