About Water purifier

Features of our Water purifier
  • Leak proof connectors, fittings, tubes
  • Convert the impure water into sweet and pure drinking water
  • Removes active and inactive bacteria, viruses
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Powerful service back up
  1. Unsatisfied need:-
  2. Water is the basic necessity of the human being but nowadays even drinking water contains many impurities which cause skin diseases and many more water born diseases. So nowadays water purifier has become a necessity of every house for their good health. Therefore water purifiers have become a mandatory home appliance. With the pollution surrounding us, life supporting elements like air and water have been contaminated. The deadly maladies spreading through water have become a matter of concern. Each year around a million of people fall sick due to contaminated water and may die. So drinking clean and pure water should be made habit. Glacier water works well with water from all sources like from bore-wells, overhead storage tanks, municipal tanks etc.

    1. Post Purchase service- Customers need post purchase service after buying such a costly product. They are always assured and promised but never get such a service but we will provide two free services after the purchase of filter by the customer.
    2. Warranty period- We provide a warranty period of 18 months. Within this period any damage to the customer's filter will be recovered.
    3. Value packs- We provide value packs with these filters like external filters.
    4. Boiled and cold water facility- One of the very good quality of our filter is that it provides you both hot as well as cold water facility.
  3. Idea generation:-
  4. As the number of water born diseases are increasing day by day so there was a need of good quality purifier which will help people to get relief from these diseases. So idea was generated to develop a water purifier which is nowadays not in demand only in cities but also is in great demand in rural areas as well because there people suffer from problems due to hard water. Our purifier will even convert hard water into soft water and even the excess of chlorine passed through it is also removed.

Production Plan

It includes details how the product will be manufactured. It includes following steps.

  • Candle is not manufactured; it will be supplied from DEFTEC ENGG. PVT. LTD. Chandigarh
  • Then candle is attached to the plastic body and it is placed on the conveyer belt to pass it to the fitter/line man who will make connections inside the filter.

Operation Plan

The operation plan of any business is very important because it gives the direction that how to proceed while accomplishing any task. As our product is "Glacier Water Purifier" which is "known for purity" and will be helpful in purifying today's contaminated lives of people. So to proceed, we will choose the location first i.e. where our plant will be located. Hence our plant will be situated near village Hussainpura, opposite to Amaltas Hotel, G.T. Road, Ludhiana.

We have chosen this location because as this area is at the outskirts of Ludhiana, the land available over here is cheap as compared to land in city area. The area of land required will be of 20 Acres which is 8,71,200 sq. feet. We will divide the whole of the selected area into four unequal sections. The bifurcation will include major section of:

  1. Manufacturing and Assembling Plant
  2. The Warehouse
  3. The Head Office
  4. The Parking Area for Trucks

Then after that we will require equipments for 2 purposes:

  1. For plant
  2. For head office

The plant will require the manufacturing machines as well as conveyor belts. The manufacturing machines will be used for manufacturing the parts of the purifier. However the raw material like candles, connectors, tubes, steel and plastic will be taken from our suppliers "Daftech Engineers Private Limited" and local suppliers from Ludhiana's Industrial Area and Focal Point itself. And these parts will be assembled on the conveyor belts to produce our final product.

For the head office, the workforce required to turn our dream plan into action will include hiring of two categories of employees:

  1. Qualified or Skilled workers
  2. Semi qualified or Semi-Skilled workers
They will be required as under:
  • Engineers will be required for the manufacturing purpose like for the proper operation of the product. The skilled part will be from them only. The semi- skilled workers will be helping them in assembling and for other operation related tasks.
  • Marketing specialists will be required for the promotion and sales of the final product. They will see that which the available sources of advertisements, promotions are. And in which sources they have to invest like ads on newspapers, hoardings, banners, radio, television, direct selling, selling through retail houses, supplying to various outlets etc. Out of these they have to select the appropriate one with maximum publicity, awareness and limited or controlled cost.
  • Financial executes will be required for the proper allocation and management of funds into various activities. They will have to manage the available capital into purchase of raw material, machines, trucks, transportation, stock, administration purposes, salaries to the employees, advertisements etc keeping tax saving and controlling variable cost into mind.
  • The human resource managers if in case required will be hired depending upon the need. Similarly the distributors will be required as the production starts. Hence this part will be included after the actual set up of plant.

Capacity of the plant

At last but not least the capacity of our plant will be 50-60 water purifiers per day as per the initial production. The further expansion will depend upon the consumption and the demand of the product.

Marketing plan

  • Industry Analysis- Water purifiers are one of the most used kitchen utilities. The Water Purification Process includes removing contaminants from the raw water source. As pure water is the necessity of every being because impure water leads to water born diseases, so there are many competitors in this field.
  • Major competitors of Glacier Water purifier in India are as follow:-
    1. Eureka Forbes
    2. Philips
    3. Kent
    4. Usha Brita
    5. Jaipan
    6. Kenstar
    7. Maharaja Whiteline
    8. Orpat
    9. Zero B

Mission Statement

  • The mission of the company is to "provide safe drinking water to the people in the rural areas".
  • Main aim is to treat the water polluted by fluorides and making the water safe to drink.

Vision Statement

"Developing an inexpensive and efficient water purification system according to World Health Organizational standards for the people of rural India".

SWOT Analysis

  • Strengths:
    1. Financially viable i.e. producing pure drinking water at reasonable cost.
    2. Easily customize product to meet customer's need
  • Weakness:
    1. Variety of substitutes, including bottled water- There are many competitors in this field which include bottled water as well.
    2. Fixed cost- The cost of our product is fixed, no discount will be given to them but initially to start our business we will provide value packs.
    3. Large amount of Personal selling- We have to make links with educational institutes, offices to sell our product personally so that we can make them aware of the different qualities of our product.
  • Opportunities:
    1. Entry into a new and un- exploited sector.
    2. Capacity to enter a huge scale throughout the country gives the economy of scales.
    3. Several very large target markets.
    4. Utilize the internet as a customer relationship management tool.
  • Threats:
    1. Major competitors in this field like Eureka Forbes, Kent etc.
    2. Few entrepreneurs in this field.
    3. Condition of electricity supply in the villages
Marketing Objectives
  • Maintain positive, steady sales growth each quarter.
  • Achieve increase in rural market penetration every two quarters.
  • Generate brand equity so that SWEET India becomes a household word within the Rural India.
Reason and Target market Plan Preparation
  • Reason: The Unsatisfied Need - Post purchase service, warranty period, Value packs, boiled and cold water facility.
  • Target Market: Rural areas mainly like proper post purchase services will be provided, middle segment families, educational institutes, offices, etc
Environmental Factors
  • Financial Resources - Total amount required to start our business is Rs. 12 crore. 1.5 Crore is provided by each partner and rest 4.5 crore will be taken as a loan from a financial institution.
  • Management Team - Our management includes 2 Finance manager, HR manager, Operations manager and marketing Manager.
  • Suppliers - From Ludhiana (industrial area and focal point), Chandigarh sector 7 DEFTECH ENGG. LTD
Consumer Market Segmentation
  • Demographic - Occupation, Race, Religion, Residence, Sex, Social Class, Age, Family Size, Education Level, Family Life Cycle, income, Nationality.
    • Geographic - Region of Country, City Size, Market Density, Climate
  • Psychological - Personality Traits, Motives, Life Style
    • Benefits - Durability, Dependability, Economy, Esteem Enhancement, Status from Ownership, Handiness
  • Volume of use - Heavy, Medium, Light
  • Controllable Elements - Sales Promotion, Price, Advertising, Guarantee, Warranty, Retail Store Purchased Service, Product Attributes, Reputation of Seller

Marketing Strategies

  • Product - Our product Glacier water purifier is a quality product which provides its consumer a safe drinking water. It contain candle which emit UV rays, these rays purify the water and remove the excess chlorine present in it. It is capable of producing up to 50 galloons of water per day. All the fittings and components in the water purifier are of highest quality.
    • Positioning Statement - For families that demand water free from viruses, bacteria and unpleasant taste, our Glacier water purification system removes 99.8% of the harmful elements found in the ordinary tap water. Unlike our competitors who offer 3-4 stage water purification system our filter offers UV filtration process.
  • Price - Analysis of the indicates a penetrating pricing strategy is most appropriate for our Glacier water purifier but we are adopting fixed price strategy due to the best quality of our product but warranty period will be longer than provided by other water purifier companies.
  • Promotion - Methods used for the promotion of our product includes:-
    • Advertisements
    • Banners
    • Internal Marketing
    • Radio
    • Hoardings
    • Newspaper
  • Sales
    • There are three different prices for our three different models of water purification and they are
      • Rs. 14000 which will provide both hot and cold water facility plus a warranty period of 18 months
      • Rs. 11000 which will provide both hot and cold water facility plus a warranty period of 12 months
      • Rs. 9000 which will provide only cold water facility plus a warranty period of 12 months
    • Value packs - We provide value packs like external filters which approximately cost Rs. 1000
      • Home delivery and installation free of cost.
      • Helpline services are also provided
      • 18 months warranty is also provided
      • Life cycle of our candle used in water purifier is one year which is normally six months in other purifiers

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