Apple tv-service proposal

CBS Corp. and Walt Disney Co. are considering participating in Apple Inc.'s plan to offer television subscriptions over the Internet, according to people familiar with the matter, as Apple prepares a potential new competitor to cable and satellite TV.

The proposed service by the maker of iPhones and iPod music players could, in at least some scenarios, offer access to some TV shows from a selection of major U.S. television networks for a monthly fee, according to people familiar with the discussions. Apple is pushing to complete licensing deals and hopes to introduce the service in 2010, some of those ...


The cable companies are passing through very bad situation during the financial earthquake and technological revolution. We need someone to whip them into shape. And that someone may be Apple. According to WSJ it may be verge on the gaining two TV network agreements. This TV networks could be Walt Disney and CBS. it is likely to be considered by the both companies. If this deal works out with all the networks companies, it might be revolutionized steps by the entertainment providers and subscribers. This is presumably that Apple offers this kind of services through iTunes. That might work for all Apple devices as well as Apple TV.

Apple has offered a lot to entertainment world. And this step can help Apple, network companies and people as well. It could force the cable companies to stop passing through bad time. But the problem is that subscribers have to buy all the content online which could cost more to all users. This cost factor can be shocking to users initially. And buying this content you need enough storage space to keep it all. Another problem is that the Apple TV device has not yet proven to be a hit.

Apple would have done it before by offering these services on internet on Apple TV with the use of Hulu and other services. As we know the cost could most effective factor for this idea to be happened. But the goal is to make user interface much more easily to scanning a lot of content. Apple may have to start out small with just one or two networks, but if it's proven to work, eventually they would get more on board and people could startcancelingtheir rip-off cable packages. Apple has proven track record of taking new ideas and technologies that seem complicated for the average consumer and making them appealing. The networks are likely to play hardball with Apple but the all knows that what happened to their brethrenin the music industry when Apple came on board. According to the WSJ report, Apple's proposal to the TV industry has already changed several times. One deal is said to be a $30-a-month package to consumers that would be a "best of television" package that included several shows from several networks, and more importantly,no commercials, according to the report. Not surprisingly, not everyone liked that idea.

Apple may not make more money from this deal but it can be revolutionized steps towards TV world. It can help Apple to increase its sales of Apple TV, iPhone and iPod as well.



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