Asda - Significant changes in last 5 years


Asda is UKs second largest chain retails supermarket with 17.3% market share in UKs retails business. In June 1999 Asda became a part of US based retailer called Wal-Mart. Asda first store open in August 2000 at Putch nearby Bristol. Asda start their business with small group of farmers from yorkshireAsda offers general groceries, food, Optician, Pharmacy & Jewellery. Asda now has 259 retail stores, and 19 depots in all over in UK also they opened now 81 pharmacies, 59 photo centre, 107 jewellery department & 59 optician. Asda offers to customer law rate products with good quality. Asda main policy for customer is they have always keep products prizes law ASDAs been voted in their 5th successive years for Britain's best value super market award by trade magazine. Asda have their own cloth fashion brand called George& now it is UKs number 2 largest clothing retails brand. Asda introduced George 13 years ago and now its established with business of £ 1.0 billion a year. Asda employee 60.000 fulltime workers and 90.000 part time and overall work forces is 150.000 & Asda have been voted for UKs top 10 best employee."Sunday times Top 10 best employee". Asda main differentiation is widest products range with economic prize that's make Asda more popular compare to another chain retail supermarkets Asda mainly concentrate in customer services and also they provide satisfactory services with affordable rate.

Significant changes in last 5 years.


In 2005 Asda market share fell to 16.5% from 16.6%. The main reason of this market share position is Tesco & Sainsbury resurgent. Due to this market share fell down Asda replaced Tony de Nunzio, & they introduce Mr. Andy Bond as a new CEO of Asda." Wikipedia. ASDA the free encyclopaedia. Date accessed 02/0/2010." August 2005 Asda launched " rollback" advertise campaign with Sharon Osbourne. This campaign main focus to show UK customer Asda products range are much affordable compare to Tesco and Sainsbury's


In March 2006 Asda Introduced new format in Northampton former -co-op store called 'Asda Essential 'This Asda essential format is focus on own brand products range which are used by families on weekly basis. This new format seen to give strength to Asda in retails business against Tesco & Sainsbury's because they have their own "core" product range with affordable rate which are used on day to day routine. Its new launched format on trial if it is success it is introduce nationally."Asda High street name , date accessed 02/01/2010

(25th September 2006) Asda announced they are going to cutting fuel prices again in their 167 pump in across in all over in Great Britain including Northern Ireland. Asda new cutting international fuel prices drop down to 1p to 84.9 pence per litre & diesel falling by to 2p to 89.9 p per litre at all it forecourts. This reduced fuel prices help to customer saving cost and UK customers get law rate fuel compare to Tesco And top of that Asda introduce new discount policy for those who are Asda credit and store card holder they will get 2 pence discount per litter when they use card.

In 14th of August 2006 Asda announced to group of farmers to deliver product directly to them instead of send it to miles away distributors its help to save 6000 miles road a month it is just for group of suppliers if it is success and if they implements in all over in Britain it save 3 million road miles a year. All the supermarket decided to cut carbon emission to using bio diesel instead of fuel and also moving more freight by train Asda also decided reduced carbon emission 80.000 tonnes by a year 2007


In 2007 Asda sales increased 200 percentage because Asda own fashion brand George introduce new mens patent lether footwear for lotharios and sugar daddies and also this patent shoes were by TV shows called Stickly come dacing celebes during the Programme.|George sale anylisis shows that aged of 30 to 50 also spent £25 for patent shoes in weekly shopping budget.

17th of September 2007 Mr. Anthony Thomas those who was Retail manager of Mark & Spencer he join Asda as a Managing Directore of Asda own clothing brand George.He will be work under Asda CEO Mr. Andy Bond his job resposinlities are Mange Geroge retail business across in Uk.Anthony Thomapsan have good retail business exeprecince because he was work with Gap Europe and Blackwell Ltd including Mark & Spencer.

Asda encourage the UK clothing manufacturer to make Made in UK label cloth. In UK most of the Garment retailers produce their goods abroad. Asda said Britian got some best designer cloth & manufacturer talent in the world and they like to use Made in UK label brand because they like to use Britian own manufactur brand not to made in another country.In year of 2007 Asda launched Geroger new clothing brand with "Made in UK" label.

"We want to do all that we can to encourage new designers and new manufacturers to come forward. If you've got new designs and new styles or new garments, we want to hear from you."

Posted by AsdaPressRelease on 23 March 2007, 00:00 date accessed 03/01/2010

Monday 29th of January 2007 Asda introduced online electric business called- Asda Electrical .In Asda online website they add this special electrical product online services .This online services included thousand of electrics goods like plasma ,LCD, Freezer, Dishwasher, Fridge & washing machine. Asda also provide home delivery services to customers those who ordered online electrical goods like fridge, dishwasher, washing machine with two man team so they can deliver goods to customer carefully.

In current year online electrical business worth it £1.9bn and per yearly growth rate is 30% & Asda aim is to capture this electrical online business 5% in year of 2012

Posted by AsdaPressRelease on 29 January 2007, 00:00 Date accessed 03/01/2010

UK second retail chain supermarket Asda introduce new Global expanses provider to manage their employee expanses. Global expanses started work with Asda from 2006 on the pilot scheme. Asda implement this software in August 2007 and it will be manage 2500 employees expenditure on monthly basis. This new introduced software its help to audit team to checking tracking process and claims expanses due to company policy and if they need to change policy if it is required. It is also helpful for employee those who frequently travel overseas for business purpose now they can claim their expanses online and they can get reimbursement in directly in their bank account. date accessed/ 04/01/2010


20th febuary 2008 Asda offer new 9000 jobs opportunity for UK people for further progress in retail supermarket business . Coming next 12 months Asda decided to open new 10 to 12 stores, extension in 12 current stores & 10 new leaving stores and for that they offer 7000 jobs and rest of the 1500 jobs they planning to expansition of Asda direct & Homeshopping

Octomber 2008 Asda announced £2m project that they are build UK first wind turbine at Falkirk distribution center for reduce energy requirement . Main aim behind this energy saving project is reduce energy use 20% in its all depot & sotres by 2012 and its helps to decries energy costing and this is saving costing they use for Asda consumers.

Rosemary Gallagher( 2008 ) ScotlandonSunday, Date accessed 07/01/2010

To improve in store security system ASDA implement new security computing system in 81 stores in all over in UK. This new security system managed centralise by corporate security team and its help to improve good operational services & reduce theft in stores.

Angelica Mary (2008), date accessed 01/01/2010


March 2009 UK number 2 supermarket Asda launched 2 week re-usable free bag campaign called "bag for life" give away. This new re-usable bags helps to 30% reduction of carrier bags use in Asda's Scottish Supermarket business As per this new introduced re-usable bags campaing Asda replaced plastic carrier bag at check-out point and give free re-usable bag for 2 week.

Asda committed to Scottish Government to 50% target of reduction of plastic carrier bag in all situated stores in Scotland. Cabinet secretary Mr. Richard Lochhead launched this campaign in new Asda stores in Edinburgh

The Scottish Government ( May 2009 ) date accessed 08/10/2010

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