Business management

  1. "The process of deciding the best way to use a business's resources to produce goods or provide services" is called management. A business needs to control its employees, its equipment and its money and this can be done by the management. A business without management will be unorganized, resulting to failure. Managers have great responsibilities in the business. First they need to plan, to decide the objectives and the goals and the way to achieve them. Also they must organize, as for example assign responsibilities to the employees. In addition they need to staff which means to choose the correct people for the correct positions and to lead them properly, in order to perform their tasks.
  2. There are three levels of management, the senior, the middle and the junior management. The senior management is the highest management level, which is conducted of the chairman of the board of directors and senior vice presidents. Their responsibility is to establish the company's goals and objectives and set the direction of the company to achieve those goals. In addition they decide how to use the company's resources and they do not get involved with day-to-day problems such as a guest's complain. Second and as they name says it, is the middle management which is mainly conducted of the department heads such as the rooms division manager. These managers are responsible for meeting the goals set by the senior management and decide which employees will do what, in order to achieve these goals as well as the interdepartmental goals being set by them. Third and last is the junior or supervisory management which is conducted by forepersons and crew leaders such as a headwaiter. They are responsible to make sure the interdepartmental goals are being achieved and they are responsible for the people who produce the company's services or products. Also they are the ones dealing with day-to-day problems and generally make sure the business works smoothly.

    • The hierarchical structure shown below is very important for the hotel industry to be followed. If not the same, then a structure based on hierarchy is required. As said, there are three levels of management and each of them plays a great role in an organization. A business without the management levels will be unorganized. Hierarchy is needed so there is a smooth operation and apart from this also respects and perhaps fears. The last two will help the operation keep a balance and make it work under the "heads". Each person should have a manager to report to. For example a waiter has to report anything to the headwaiter who in his turn will report to the restaurant manager. The restaurant manager has to report to the food and beverage manager and he will report to the hotel manager. This way, everybody has a superior and they know that anything they do, it will be under surveillance no matter how high in position they are.
  3. There are three styles of management used, the autocratic, the paternalistic and the democratic. Each of them has its advantages and its disadvantages. The autocratic is also known as authoritarian and if a manager uses this style, he will be the one to make all the decisions without letting anybody interfere. He will not take the opinion of the employees in account and he will want them to follow his rules. This may be not a good way to manage since everything is based on one mind, but it is a very good style in case of a crisis, or in case of a lot or low skilled workers. The second style is the paternalistic in which the manager listens to the employees but still he is the one to take the decision. The manager is interested on how happy the employees are and his tactic is based on the good morality of the staff. He consults the employees and listens their opinions. This way they develop their employees' initiative and develop long terms strengths. Third and last is the democratic style in which the manager encourages the employees to make decisions. He will give authority for this and he will listen to their advice. It requires a very good two-way communication and it is a very well style when it comes to a problem where it is important that the correct decision is made. Discussion groups are being made and suggestion and ideas are being put in the table. This style promotes the collaboration and the communication but it can be risky in some situations.

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