Education system in UK

UK is one of the top countries which have excellent education system. So I have decided to do this topic, in which I will be gathering data from the student's in India as well as students in UK, in which I will be giving comparison of traditional and modern techniques of education.

In today's competition we have cut throat competition, India and UK are top countries who have good economy and they are concentrating more on education systems to bring best among each individual. UK has been renowned for their ability to maintain excellent standards in the field of education. On an average 17,000 Indian students are coming to UK for higher studies. In UK there are various qualifications offered by universities which can be broadly classified into 4 categories like degree courses, vocational training, diplomas and postgraduate courses. The primary qualification of Indian students to study in UK is to get a minimum band score of 4.5 in international English Language System (IELTS) examination.

Indian students who have aspirations and dreams to study in abroad, favourably UK education system has entirely different from India as in India they will concentrate on the theoretical study and in UK we have more of practical training, Indian education is not recognised globally, education is not based on international market where as UK concentrates on international market and it is called of land of opportunities.

In today's world each and every students will have an aspirations to study abroad and they will be fulfilling their and parents wish when they come to UK. Earn while you learn- this theory works more in UK than in India. In olden days Indian education has been elist and Hindu education was on highest demand, where Brahmin boys who were taught to read and write under the supervision of a Brahmin teacher.

Under British rule from 1700 until 1947, India's education policies was revised and reinforced in trying to bring academic education. In these years education system was running under Colonial rule where only privileged and upper classes of people hand upper hand and lower classes of people were not entertained. Once Brahmins realized worth of education, then other castes include lower and upper classes of people went ahead in getting education. The origin of English came from the British colony and they are one who showed Indians the path as how to stand in the global market. Learning English language is one of biggest talk to the Indians as it was very new to them but once they adapted to learn, they were internationally recognised. In India regional language was the medium of instructions for most primary and secondary school of students, English is considered as distinction of social class and now in each and every state follows the golden of rule as English as a first language and it is mandatory irrespective of upper, middle and lower classes of people.

Once the levels of education increased at a rapid rate in India but still they were following traditional techniques and students having more of theory and less of practical's. This aspect was not sufficient to compete in the global market as it requires competitive edge to withstand all the necessary requirements. UK has the second largest market share at 11.6% of all overseas students. So India and UK are interlinked in education aspects. The Great Britain is called as land of education where i will be concentrating on Indian students. Every student wants to study and achieve great heights and they have chosen UK as it gives many opportunities to the students to excel in their own specialised field. The levels of education over here in Britain are entirely different when compared to India. There are varieties of courses offered and same in India but in UK there are more practical oriented and self study. Self study seems to be difficult in earlier stages but once we gain little experience as how to handle ourselves then we will be polished in a right way to compete in global market.

Even in India we could find variety of courses offered with highest standards and levels of education are increasing day by day but there is spoon feeding policy still takes place ( empty life without meaning ) and UK has treated education in a different way by self study where students has to invest extra time. The reason for self study and self practice is to improve student's communication and research skills. Once students master these skills then they can handle any difficult situations.

India has made a huge progress in terms of increasing literacy rate approximately two thirds of population. Students are attracted to short courses where they can complete under graduation and post graduate courses in limited time. It is one of the hot destinations where education and lifestyles are entirely different.

Every Indian student wants education and some aspiring student's wants to sell themselves in the global market and this can be achieved only when they think out of the box. So students make strong decision to come to UK to pursue higher studies and get their money's worth. UK has some of the old, reputed and esteemed universities and it gives good choices to study and excel.

What should student possess- He should have strong leadership and communication skills and apart from that global knowledge. These can be enhanced even in India also but quality of education differs. Let me explain as what students can get if they study in UK. For successful entrepreneur he/she should be known as being innovative, dynamic, efficient and flexible in nature and UK is wise decision to imbibe the right tools, necessary to turn ideas into reality. Here they teach both technical and management aspects of managing a company. International degree is recognised everywhere so work opportunities is more and there will be no constraints in the near future. Good system of education makes everyone to think in their own perspective and make decisions.

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