Ethics in auditing


The title of the project is Ethics in auditing.

Problem Statement

Under the conditions of extremely unethical behavior of some of the firms in the corporate in UAE, it would certainly be a noble idea to draw out the symptoms of such behavior and also find the consequences of pursuing the same in the corporate world. There are many companies in UAE which have the urge of succeeding at the fastest pace possible. The reason for the same is that they see the huge extent of tourism into the country which shows a path of immediate prosperity. But in the long run it can be disadvantageous for both the auditor and the firm as well. (HOW ETHICAL AUDITING CAN HELP COMPANIES COMPETE, 2010)


The objection can be from some of those companies which do have a strong image but because of going on similar tracks of unethical behavior, they might not agree to the same. They might fell offended which can be a disadvantage for the firm. Other than this, even the auditing firms might not find it satisfactory to allow these findings because they are the ones which would also be equally affected with the same.

Significance / Importance

The importance of the project lies in the fact that before the shareholders and stakeholders of the company face the ill-effects of unethical behavior in the accounting process, they should be made aware. Later, this would certainly hamper their investment to a large extent. So, it is important to prevent it from the beginning itself.

Hypotheses / Question

There would be three hypotheses:

Ho: The effect of unethical accounting is high on firms.

Ho: The stakeholders and shareholders should be conveyed about the same to prevent further problems with respect to investment.

Ho: The Company and the auditing form would both be affected when the survey of the firm is done.


There would be a sample of 20 members chosen to address each of the above hypotheses. The questionnaire would hence be divided in three parts. Every part would contain 10 questions leading to the approval or disapproval of the respective hypotheses. (Method and Research Design, 2010)


The results of the questionnaire would be analyzed by doing a z-test analysis to come to the results. This would give the result of the applicability of the above hypotheses. Once this is done, one can conclude whether unethical auditing is a relatively known issue on the United Arab Emirates. If it is known, the results would be seen in the normal graph that would be formed from the z-test analysis.


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