Global leadership skills


A global business has to perform lots of rights and responsibilities that should be aware of. There should be specific person to lead the business globally by understanding all the rights and the one should be capable of leading the same. In global market lots of competitive strategies are there in the form of cultural behaviours, climatic conditions and as well as currency will also make a specific reason for competition in global market. There should achieve some skills in global market for performing a business. The global leadership skills are very much important to survive between the competitors in global market. There are many important factors need to be noted in the field of international business in the form of business ethics as well as the cultural diversity of each country. The leader should have a complete awareness about these in bringing business globally. When one person reaches a top management level he will be a master in the organisational structure. But the global business is something different from the organisational strategies. This includes cultural diversity which will create a trend in that market. This research will answer the question regarding the leadership skills for a global market.


The global business has lots of important factors need to take over. This research involves the investigation regarding the way a leader can help in making an organisation in a successful manner when the market is globally. What all characteristics needed for the leader to perform in a global market? And the role of ethics in the global market that affects the leadership skills.

The answers for these questions will make up in the research by means of a study for the analysis of global market and the leadership skills required for the global business. There are lots of factors that the one leading should be aware of and he can able to withstand the circumstances that he need to face in the global market. By taking an investigation of global marketing skills we can find out the solution for all these and get a detailed report for the international business and leadership skills.


  1. Cultural Sensitivity
  2. For a good leader in global market the cultural sensitivity is important. It can be achieved by means of going through the culture of the platform of the market where the business is going to start. For adopting the respective culture the leaders need to take time to understand what they can do and not do and how to respect their cultures. The sensitivity is very important factor which can able to understand the ability to indulge into the perceptiveness of the society's culture and behaviour of buying and selling in the market. By means of understanding the culture of the society and market the leaders can easily set a strategy for their business platform and thereby can achieve catastrophic results.

  3. Diversity management
  4. Most of the people are hailing by means of diverse racial, ethnical, religious and social cadres of a society, which most of the organisations are using for marketing. The leader dealing with diversity will link with the person related to diversity as well as the entire team who works for achieving the goals. Diversity training is provided for the leaders which is one of the ways to achieve diversity. Through the diversity training this helps to enhance work place harmony by make sense to people how better they can get into diverse groups. This training will help people to deal with the culture of different people in different countries with different backgrounds.

  5. Adaptability and Innovation
  6. Changes and creativity makes the business to develop as per the time. One who is having a good vision about the changes that the people adopt as per the time he can generate the business and he can be the leader. These persons will be very comfortable with the rapid changes and can be competent in adopting the changes. For example, the Windows computer operating system is now available in 24 different languages. The success of Bill Gates was massive and we can't think the victory of him if he promotes Windows only in English and had refused to offer in other languages.

  7. Profitability and Productivity management
  8. A leader can generate a superior corporate performance by means of four criteria;

    1. Profitability and productivity
    2. Continuity and efficiency
    3. Commitment and morale
    4. Adaptability and innovation

    In this the major factor is profitability and productivity that is to be managed. As we tell business is the way to make profit by less input and greater output. But in the case of business globally it seems to be very difficult. We should make an assurance that if the business may create few losses it will achieve profit and grow rapidly as per the time.

  9. Continuity

The organisations have entities is survive and continue to exist. The existence is depending upon the leader who works out the strategic changes and inputs that will make the survival and development. In this century no one can predict the survival of a company which is even world class. The most important factor for surviving in this century is a good leader. A leader could achieve success not only locally but also globally. A good leader should have cultural sensitive, creative, should maintain the profit when the company is moving in a good position and to develop the successors to continue the organisation.


The analysis of a leadership should never consider a time schedule. This is by means of self development and empowerment of a leader to guide the organisation. For the analysis of global leadership skills we are capable of discovering few things.

  1. How you would like to lead?
  2. The best way is through self improvement. From the experiences and path through which you travelled till the current stage will help to find different ways to lead an organisation. By means of self improvement it will be easier. From the seniors and managers will be the highlight for the growth of such leaders. The motivation from them will help to a large extent. And through that they will get a good path and ideas for the key way to success. The leadership can be achieved by a certain experience in working in a specific organisation for a long time, so that he can get relevant knowledge about the organisation as well the principles of the company. There are lots of business strategies in every organisation. Those principles will vary with each and every organisation. Each organisation has their own business strategies. So for leading a business one should have complete awareness about the organisational principles and the history. When it reaches to global market there should be more complication coming in different forms like culture, trend, adaptation etc. So the global leadership skills should be attained by the person leading for the global market.

  3. Which way you have to learn to become a leader?
  4. When taking a role model of a specimen to study should take the best. From a well reputed model we can become a good leader. For example, in global market we can take the most leading company. We can go through their business network, turn over, capacity, employees etc. Considering their strategies and the key way to success will help a lot in leading a company globally. From this we can understand how our organisation can make up with our output in different countries with their culture and behaviour. For a leadership skills there should keep a role model to adopt power for leading the organisation and develop the global business.

  5. You have to know about your strength and weakness.
  6. By understanding the strength and weakness you can work to overcome the weak points in leading and developing. And also the strength will gives you empowerment. In every organisation there will be supervision and appraisal of staffs and officials. By this they can know about their improvement in their performance from past to the current stage. By this they can understand where those weaknesses they are having are. And mostly each company is providing training programmes for improving the productivity as well the employee levels. This training will be given to the employees and also up to the top management team. So for leadership plan also can be developed by means of these training given by the organisation.

  7. How can you improve as an individual as well as a leader?

By analysis this you can improve your career as well as can become a good leader. As the work experience in a specific organisation for a long time will increase their knowledge, working skills and the ability to manage the work they are performing. When they reach the top management level with relevant experiences they can have the ability to lead the organisation. This capability will increase his career very much. By this he can utilise all the time to improve his knowledge as well the skills for leading the organisation globally.


There are three levels of analysis for the classification of leadership and research. They are individual, group and organisational level of analysis.

  • Individual Level of Analysis
  • This analysis is dealing with the leader and the relationship with the individual followers. This level of analysis is also known as Dyadic process. A reciprocal relationship with the leader and follower dominates with the individual level of analysis. It gives an assumption based on the effectiveness that, it will depend upon the way how the follower and the leader interacts and influence each other. The individuals will influence you according to the behaviour of yours as the follower and as a leader.

  • Group Level of Analysis

This level of analysis is concentrating on the leader and related with a group of followers. This level is also known as group process. This shows the effectiveness of the leader to a group of followers. Here the way of communication of the leader is very much analysed in dealing with a number of followers. The leader's capability to lead this entire group will be analysed by this level. In global market there will always in groups that the leader should be taking care. So this level gives an useful aspect for the leaders for their communication as well as the empowerment.

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Organisational Level of Analysis

This analysis of leadership theory is focusing on the organisation. This level of analysis is also known as organisational process. For the success of organisation the contribution of the team as well as the individuals are very essential. The organization should acquire a long run and success in the environment. There should a proper analysis for the production of the organisation that ensures that it is producing the actual products and services. The top management levels are more focusing in the organisational level of analysis. This shows that how the top management levels can influence the performance of the organisation.

Other than the individual level of analysis, the group levels provide more understandings in the global leadership. If the group level is in larger social system then the understanding levels will be very low since there will be very wide area to complete. So the lack of concentration in the group will affect the way of improvement in the organizational level. That will affect the entire company. Altogether the group and organisational level will affect the individual's performance. If the individuals and the group members are motivated and join together there will a good sign for the organisation. Success tends to be contagious.


The ethical issues are affecting well in the leadership skills globally. There are proper standards for doing business. The leader has to take care of these issues. Any failure or misuse will be punishable and may be forced to pay the fine. Day by day the rules and changing and they are interacted with the world as well as the customers (A companion to business ethics, Robert e Frederick , 2002 p 15). Usually all the companies are thinking of making profit only. The leaders will be leading to achieve new trends as well as innovations for more profit and creating new business. By this time they won't be thinking of the ethical issues. For every company ethics are very essential. If these companies not following these ethics and make money then they have to suffer a lot as well as need to pay a huge amount of money. They think of huge profit and making this profit by means of not following these ethical issues. So the fine will be in millions. So the profit they made will be losing in big margin by means of this violence. And as these ethics are very important every organisations have to follow these principles. And by following these principles they can't attain good profit also. The leaders should be very much aware of this problem since it is very important issue and may cause complete closing of the company because of the ethical violence.

On reaching to global business strategies the business ethics have unique situations. Culture values are very much important among each country. By the time of creating values we should add the true grain that creates knowledge in diversity of what it meant to behave justly. The easier way to get these truth grains is from religious leaders. From these people we can get the religious culture in the country. Such religious people got very good knowledge about the culture that the local people are caring about and that will make to unify the ethical values when meeting a global market. One of the very important examples that show the cultural diversity is by leaving out the "Americanisms". References like baseball, apple pie etc will be ignored by many cultural countries as they put forward such items. They are considered as they are just directed only in the US work force. In taking about the family members in different countries related to US is very surprising. There will be hundreds of family members including uncles, aunts, and grandparents' cousins like that. And the people in US may get surprised when each person point out the names of every members in the family. Such cultures influence much in personal feelings. And that will really consider the ethics with these cultures. More than the profit they care much about the cultural diversity (E. Sternberg, Just business, p 15).


Specific limitation of the research is based on the data collection, data analysis and the validity of analysis. As my research can answer the aims and objectives for the leadership skills in a global market, it is very difficult in practical approach. The cultural diversity comes in the form of limitations of this research for the major side. It is a wide area that the leader should be aware of the cultural diversity to make up in the global business. And the limitations come in the form of lack of awareness about this regarding each country. And the ethics also plays a very crucial role in the global business. But the real ethical science is not aware directly. All these won't give a perfect research methodology of the subject. But the essential part for leadership skills is carried out very accurately in this section.


The global leadership skills are very much important in an organisation for the growth of business over countries. Ethical issues will be a key factor for the business and the one leading in international business should have a clear awareness of the business ethics. Otherwise it will create complication in the business and the entire organisation for the development. The violence of the ethics will create penalty also. This research made a clear idea for the leadership plan and the analysis for a global business to lead for an organisation.


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