Importance of Customer Care


According to Jamier L. Scott. (2002) [1], “Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction - that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation."

For successful customer care it is very important that the staff have to apply there personal skill and should have professional etiquettes within themselves. The server who provides the service must be well trained to engage himself in simple as well as complex task which is allotted to him. The daily operation which hospitality industry performs in order to influence the behaviour of our customers is known as customer care, but it should be practiced in right attitude and in right manner to enhance our customer care relation. In hospitality industry customer and the staff is of prime importance. While performing our duties /operation it is very important to give and create a positive impact on our customers. The most important thing in hospitality industry which customer expects is good accommodation and food which can be provide through excellence service. Our experience of implementing customer care and quality service leads us to focus on three elements that are desire, design, and delivery. In order to get successful business there should be various customer care programmes held for the entertainment of our customers which includes festivals promotions such as food festivals, theme dinner, free gifts vouchers during festivals & Sunday special brunch as well as complimentary gifts for VIP guests.

There are various ways through which we can give proper customer care for the betterment & successful relationship between customers & staff. In hospitality industry we have two types of customers: Internal Customers & External Customers.

Internal customers belongs to the staff who works in the hospitality industry & the External customers are those who are outside customers or guests. External customers can be further classified as Business, Young, Disabled, leisure customers, etc.

Internal customers also holds the same importance as External customers. If internal customers are motivated & always boosted up then they in return provide better service to external customers. Customers have their own expectations & requirements. Different customers have different requirement. So to meet all customers expectation is also of great importance. Availability of product & service also plays an important role. In order to meet customers expectations an organisation should develop and design various programs to enhance our customer care service. This program may include various activities or offers which attracts new customers and help us to turnover ratio of regular customers.

It is always said that ‘'Even if the customer is wrong, he is always right''. Everything from porch area from car parking to bell desk to reception to room service should be in such a way that the guest feels comfortable and satisfied at every moment every time i.e. home away from home.

The customer care is also an attachment of emotions which makes guest feel satisfied.

One of the biggest concerns about customer care is return customers. If you can make any customer happy in your every part of service the customer is likely to return again. This not only supports the business but also spreads through word-of-mouth creating a better standing through potential customers. The number one goal of any business in the hospitality industry should be customer satisfaction. A HAPPY CUSTOMER CHECKING OUT IS THE BIGGEST IMPORTANCE OF CUSTOMER CARE.

Hence we can see that the customer care is a chain to follow at different levels in organisation to achieve the goals and importance of customer care.




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