Information technology industry

This report is written for a client who is interested in venturing into the information technology industry in Aberdeen

My clientele GraniT what to set up an IT Firm in Aberdeen and his aim is to be able to establish an IT Firm to server the community because of the growing demand for this service .The IT market is even more exciting due to the significantly lower costs needed in terms of delivery infrastructure.

GranIT will be advised to enter the market with excellent service, very good strategy and customer sensitive product and innovativeness should be it primary objective and it should offer a superior product because the IT industry is a high competitive one , a new entry is encouraged to enter the market with the right strategy. The timing is also good now as information technology is the order of the day now in the world.

This exiting business plan has a likely hood of success if well execution this business will aim little profit in the first year and if all forecasting go well the will make i huge gain in the three year.


Equipment that will be needed is as follows:

  • Van -£10,000
  • Hardware components stock-£5,000
  • Three high-spec PC's with a range of-£15,000
  • One high spec Apple Mac -£5,000
  • Office furniture -£5,000
  • Working capital -£10,000


GranIT wants to offer a onsite hardware and software support and also write bespoke office applications for companies and individuals

Strategy and Implementation

Gran IT will offer a very cheap and reliable hardware and software support to costumer this will be done not by selling below market margin but because the technology introduce by Gran IT is cheap so it can provide this service to client for a little cheaper amount .

Competitive Advantage

Bespoke office applications will be a great source of competitive advantage to GranIT because this technology is not been used buy other player most of them are still using the cable system which is out dates.

Marketing Strategy Gram IT It will adopt a Multi -pronged market approach by developing awareness of the offered service ,there will a massive advisement on Ration and TV station Bill board and left let will be handed out to people ,a web site will be build and it will be dedicated to the advertisement of this product.

Sales Strategy Gran IT will make sure the message is pasted to people that his product is better that it rival because his technology will be of high standard, retails shop will be open round Aberdeen and the product will be displayed in leading super markets like ASDA and TESCO.

From time to time promo will be made it could offer customer buy one get one free during Christmas.

Sales Forecast

Gant IT will make sure it adopt a fair rate for customers and a conservative approach has been adopted to minimize any external variables that may affect future operations.


Gran IT forecast much growth for many years for some good reasons.

  1. Adoption of broadband connections (WI FI)
  2. Providing a less costly alternative this will put them ahead of other player in the industry.
  3. Massive advertisement

From the Matrix above we can see that from the general industrial strength in Aberdeen can counter all weakness this will put any new entry in an advantage point in the telecommunication industry in Aberdeen, it also shows that there is a lot of opportunity that is to be explored in the industry also the opportunity if well explored will be a source of competitive advantage to a new entry.

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