Managing Psychosocial Hazards In workplace

Task 3:

Psychosocial Hazards are issues obstructing to a person's psychological development in an environment. Issues like, work related stress cause by excessive overwork, violence, being bullied, mobbing and burnout. One of the most common issues that occurred in a workplace is Work Stress. There are different perspectives at looking on issue “Stress”. Stress can be looked as a form of motivation, allowing organizations to push employees to their limit and obtain the best performance out of its employees and it can be also an issue which will affects employee's health, performance as they will be less motivated and less productive.

Excessive demands and pressure can be caused by a poor work design and poor management from an organization. Most cases of work stress are caused by how the work is designed and the way organizations are managed. Stress can affects different people in different way. Employees whom are affected by stress can become increasingly distressed and irritable, unable to relax or concentrate while working, having difficulty to think logically and making decisions and experience insomnia. In extreme cases, employees may not able to handle stress and do something that is unexpected which endangers the health of their colleagues or even themselves.

If a large numbers of employees in an organization are affected, performance of the organization will also be affected. Organizations will experience employees increasing absenteeism and decreasing commitment to work, impairing performance and productivity, unsafe working environment and damaging its image among its workers and externally. Organizations with such issues will not only affect its performance, it will also be less likely to succeed in a competitive market.

Therefore, Human Resource Department needs to understand the importance of Work Stress in an Organization. Risk Management must be managed well in order to asses all possible risks in the working environment that have high possibilities causing damage to employees and the organization. The most effective method to find out the employees problems and why, is to question them directly as managers may have a different point of view from his employees about what are the causes of the problems.

There is a strategy to solve the issue which is crucial for employer to understand is to prevent the problems, foresees problems. Monitoring employees' satisfaction and health regularly, ensuring employees know whom to talk to about their problems and having the ability to give them a helping hand in their problems, refer them to the right channel when they are experiencing real difficulties. Managers should do a follow up after a period of time and if necessary, revise your approach to work stress problems.

A good employer not only designs and manages work in a way that avoids common risk factors for stress but also to achieve a healthy working environment, minimize harmful aspects of work. Work can be a self-promoting activity as long it takes place in a safe and health promoting environment.


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