Market segmentation for Toyota Auris

The Auris is a hybrid vehicle with fuel cell technology that belongs in the lower/medium passenger car segment (c). However the auras is one of the few car that has fuel cell technology so completion will be less but we have to keep in mind that we have to reach the segmented market before our competitors .There are other hybrid car that will be introduced into the market but they are not offering the same convenience as ours. Auris will be competing against the c segmented cars so any car in the c segment will be contending against it .however auris has many advantages over its competitors it still have to reach its customers.

The market for this car can be split into two major categories consumers (or Private buyers) and Customers (or B2B)

In the b2b or business to business are very crucial Customers as they are the ones which will buy in the large quantity and will help to increase the sale .As these corporate buyers buy cars either for hire/rental or for company fleets. These kind of customers are few in the market and already known to Toyota. They can be reached especially through the business relations and the traditional media as well. The features that makes auris particularly interesting for business buyers is that it runs on the hydrogen and electricity increasing its mileage and less running cost , low operating cost and pollution free.

Other type of B2B customers are car dealers but they do not have free choices .They have to sell the car which Toyota produces and relation of Toyota with Car dealers is quite strong as Eighty of Toyota's 227 UK dealerships have already renamed Hybrid Technology Centre's. Therefore the number of these 'customers' is already set.

Other type of customers is private buyers which are every important as upon them will depend the success of the car.

We can segment this section by looking into three kinds of mindsets


Demographic will help us to identify our customers and what strategy will be uses to achieve our goals. We are targeting consumer belonging to class AB socio-economic segment. They can be either male or female and between 30 and 55years old (mid-life). These people are financially well off and highly educated and will have higher managerial, administrative or professional occupations and will belong to upper middle classes. They are likely to be married (Full nest or Empty Nest) and with family responsibilities .They may have their own property or rent privately. They are most likely to already own a lower medium car or similar. They may be either British or living in Britain and of no specific ethnic or religious background. Hence these class will not only prepared to purchase environmentally-friendly car but also able to pay more for it (higher disposable income).


Psychograph is the Criteria for segmenting consumers by lifestyle, attitudes, beliefs, values, personality, buying motives, and/or extent of product usage. Within the psychographic profile three main mindsets of probable buyers could be identified as

Early Adopters/ Technology pioneers

  • These are people who are interested in the latest technology/ innovation, and must be the first on the block to own this technology and embrace it.
  • These are people who are enthusiastic about new technology and they are people who will help us to promote our car.
  • These people have good knowledge of the product and technology used in it

Environmentally Friendly

  • Those who are concerned about the environment and want to help the cause by using green technology.
  • Those who are recognizing the environmental impact of motoring and would like to do something about it.
  • Those only "somewhat concerned" and seeking to express their concern and ease their conscience without causing themselves too much inconvenience. The socially aware mainstream, but more hesitant to buy new technology.
  • As auris will be a ideal car for these people and should be made aware of the technology and how it will beneficial for the environment.

Value Conscious

  • These are the people who want low maintenances cost with high fuel efficiency in the long run.
  • After Service should be easily available with cheaper parts.

Our goal is to reach to all three groups and to exhibit them to the same degree of outdoor and ambient advertising.


Our concern would be to target over all UK as the customers will be from anywhere in the UK, but specially the urban areas as they are more likely to buy the car with higher percentage and higher share of people in the south are prepared to buy a car with environmentally friendly features because of the problems of pollution and congestion being more widely perceived as a problem in the south. There will be fairly less share of people buying cars from the north side of the UK.

Our approach will be to reach our goals by emphasized more on the target customers but also try to attract other customers to reach wider population to increase our sales.

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