Organisation purpose


The organisation purpose for any company need to be in the first of their importances, because it's frame the way of the company goal. The main organization purpose in the company is to achieve the goal and objective as a part of the vision statement also the how they plan on reaching those goals and objectives will indicate in the mission statement. Any strategic choice have to regards to two levels, the parent organisation and the strategic business unit ,in these levels the relation between them is can led to strategic advantage. Refer to Wall-Mart was struck not only by how successful the company had been in terms of growth and financial performance, but also by how much the firm had come under attack for its business practice, In this case all dimensions of strategic decision had been harmonious such as market situation ,location of place,.. .

When we talk about any corporate purpose and especially in Wall-Mart the organisation need to consider some issues such as ownership, vision and mission and strategic scope. The ownership feature is important in term of decision making about the life cycle of the company, such as a choice which has to be made to move from a privately owned business to a publicly quoted business. Wall-Mart have started as small family company then grow to be one of the largest retailer in USA in 2006, its received much praise for its ability to carry out Sam Walton vision ,his policy of everyday low prices .this policy had forced competitors to keep their prices low .In 2006 Wall-Mart think of expanded abroad so they allowed the other company to make joint venture .Sam Walton but in has considered the same idea of Penney company ,which focused on reach the satisfaction of the public and their employees also about the verity of products and suitable price. About Walton's strategy was to operate a discount store in a small community. In the figure below show how the changing in the company position from privet to public can change some other feature.

The vision and mission is the first message which send to the competitor and customer, so it have to be fit with the situation and size of the market .according to Coulter "the organisational vision is reflect the discernment broaden picture of what a leader want an organisation to become "and the mission according to the same author "is a statement of what the various organisational part do also what they hope to achieve in alignment with the organisational vision (Coulter, 2002). Wall-Mart vision is low prices, wide selection and courteous service generated high sales and profit, were there mission is the same of their slogan "everyday low price "this help the company to achieve a lot of customer.

The wall mart strategic scope in the beginning Once Wall-Mart had successfully expanded into every small and mid-size city where competition was typically weak further growth required entering large cities and other countries such as Target and Carrefour .this let Wall-Mart built a good and strong basic capital income which led to wide disterbute, they take in consideration to distributed in the main street and some attractive location for the branch.

Based on the 'Strategy Clock' Wall-Mart has achieved the low price and the verity of purchase is based upon the work of Cliff Bowman (see C. Bowman and D. Faulkner 'Competitive and Corporate Strategy - Irwin -1996:

Finally Wall-Mart Pride themselves on low-cost product as well as ones who are expanding globally


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This is useful for question 4 As a large organization; the only way to stay afloat is to find ways to cut as many costs as possible while at the same time using concepts thatwill still make a lot of money. The first things to get cut are what they give back to the employees, even though the employees should be number one on the list considering that they are really the ones who keep the organization running.

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