Personal and professional skills

Personal and Professional Skills

Every human being depends on certain type of skills to achieve its daily goals whether in its personal or professional life. It is sometimes said that it is only skills which make human beings different from one another. The more skills you have the more chances of you becoming a successful person and so on.

Personal Skills

Personal skills comprise of self management, independent learning, and goals skills. Every person should know what he capable of is and how much ability does he have to perform various tasks. Personal skills help in developing better relations with other people and it helps in facing any kind of crisis. The following are certain types of personal skills:

  • Carefulness
  • Drive
  • Creativity
  • Cooperation
  • Discipline
  • Superior Attitude
  • Optimism
  • Safe work performance
  • Sociability & stability

The above mentioned are the skills necessary for an individual to perform better and helps in achieving organizational goals.

Professional Skills

Professional skills are required by an individual for performing better in an organization. This below mention skills helps an individual to perform his/her job in smooth and happy working environment.

  • Interpersonal communication skills: It includes verbal and nonverbal communication. It helps an individual in active listening and giving and receiving feedback without blaming others.
  • Organizing skills: Develop organization structure, work assignment, implementation, responsibility and authority, administration, etc.
  • Planning skills: Forecasting, scheduling, budget requirement and materials, establishing priorities
  • Innovation, creativity, development skills: Methods, processes, procedures, strategies, designs.
  • Supervision & management skills: Determine goals and policies, leadership, motivation, planning, decision-making, conflict resolution, team building, performance evaluation.
  • Delegating skills: Coordinate Work Production, Reorganizing methods, Programs, Procedures. Determine work groups i.e. committees, teams, tasks force.
  • Problem solving: Customer and public relations, personnel i.e. productivity, efficiency, employee morale, satisfaction, trouble shooting.

Today's business environment is very competitive and in order to survive in such an competitive environment an individual must have most of these skills. Employers are concentrating more on personal skills of an individual to promote active participation and better performance to achieve maximum profits.

Methods to improve Personal and Professional Skills

For the success of any individual in any form of life (personal and professional) it is always important for an individual to learn new methods to improve their skills.

Personal skills improvement has mainly depends on employees because if their employees willingness to change in it owns skills which is requirement by an organization in order to sustain in team or project. They have to consider the following steps with the help of the organization supports which are as follows:

  • Independent learning
  • Self management
  • Goals skills

Independent Learning: It means the ability to find the gap between once owns knowledge which is required by the organization. Try to obtain it independently and its desire and capacity to continue to learn. It involves willing, planning, force, etc. also need self-motivation, personal learning styles and knowledge.

Self Management: It means capability to control your personal reaction to challenges and responsibilities in working environment of an organization. Which obtain controlling time management accept situation and changing environment? It effect on your physical and mental state with the help of experience. This needed self-awareness as well.

Goals Skills: It means ability to develop, planning for achieving professional and personal goals. Concentrate on important things which help to direct attention towards the long and short terms goals.

Business organizations are the key role players in order to improve professional skills of the employees in an organization to achieve the desired goals.

Professional skills can be improved by different method are as follows:

  • On the job training
  • Off the job training
  • Workshops & Seminars.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Crash courses.

Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Planning is a process undertaken in a structured and supported way by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, professional and career development. The main objective for PDP is to improve the learning capacity of individuals and to understand what and how they are learning, and to review, plan and take responsibility for their own learning.

The main objectives of PDP are as follows:

  • to be more effective, self-dependent and confident;
  • to put learning into a wider contexts;
  • improvement of skills in career;
  • achieve goals and measure progress towards their achievement;
  • develop positive attitude to learning throughout life.

In my early school I was very shy, difficulty in talking to people; sharing ideas in short I was backbenchers who use to hide from professors. Then I went into doing a course in personality development which helped me overcome a lot of barriers specially one related to communication and fear of stage. That course has really helped me develop my communication skills, presentation skills and group discussions. After learning all this skills I have realised the changes that have taken place in me and was for good but as it is said learning never stops and my quest to develop has grown much bigger and deeper.

In my professional life, as I am working as a Customer Advisor in retail industry. Retail is all about customer services, interaction with people, decision making and keeping head up no matter what. I felt I was learning more through listening to people and developing new ideas to generate sales. I felt the need for more development since I want to move from the position of customer advisor to the manager and from manager to the top and this will be only possible through proper personal development plan. The following is my PDP for next 5 years:

Personal Development Plan

  • Where am I now? (as a customer advisor)
  • Where do I want to be? (as a trading manager or service manager)
  • How can I get there? (through proper personal development plan)

Where am I now?

In this stage I have to ask myself some vital question in order to know whether I have in it me or not:

  • What am I good at?

I have got good product knowledge of the department I am working in. I am good with computers and latest technology. Over the number of years that I have been working have developed good relationship with customers and colleagues.

  • What do I need to work on?

I need to work on my educational qualification maybe try and get a some qualification in retail and customer services. I have to improve on my communication in terms of try and be an ice breaker in the conversation. I am short tempered sometimes with my colleagues I have to stop doing that its not good for the leadership skills.

  • What could help me along?

Try and work more closely to managers and senior member of staff which will help me in getting practical experiences. Apart from that I can sttend some crash courses or seminars on retailing.

  • What might stop me?

Lack of support by managers can really put me on the back foot apart from that retail is very competitive where everybody wants to grow fast.

Sales Skills

It is said in order to be a good salesman one has to be able to sell himself then it would be easy to sell any product in the market. Following are some of the skills needed to convert perspective customers into buying one:

Communication Skills

A person does not have to be a great orator to do sales but he should be able to speak clearly and audibly.

Listening Skills

Apart from good talking a person has to listen to others in order to identify key elements and hit it at the right time to make sales.

Problem Solving

A salesperson should improvise no matter in what situation it is. He should be always thinking of solving problems and meeting customer needs. He should 'Always Be Closing' the sales.

Well Organized

This skill is not about your personal surroundings but it is about your thoughts and planning. He should always know when to start and when to finish.


A salesperson is naturally very persuasive they always try and close the sales by asking the right question every time.

Class Assignment for Sales

You are either:

  1. A salesperson at 'Chanel' or 'Gucci'
  2. A Lamborghini salesperson at a dealership like HR Owen

Develop a set of Questions you would ask your customer

For this assignment I have chosen to be a Lamborghini salesperson and following are the set of questions I have developed:

  • Hello, Can I Help You!
  • What car/model are you looking for?
  • Is it for your use or a gift to someone?
  • What color would you like?
  • How would you like to make the payment
  • Do you want it pick up yourself or should we deliver it?

You should be following only policy when making sales and that is 'Only closed when you are confident'.


Leadership is the process of influencing the behaviors of others to work willingly and enthusiastically for achieving predetermined goals. Leadership is essentially a continuous process of influencing behaviour. A leader breathes life into the group and motivates goals. The lukewarm desires for achievement are transformed into a burning passion for achievement.

Features of leadership are as follows:

  • Leadership is a continuous process of behavior; it is not one-shot activity.
  • Leadership may be seen in terms of relationship between a leadership and his follower which arises out of their functioning for common goals.
  • By exercising his leadership, the leader tries to influence the behaviour of individuals or group of individuals around him to achieve common goals.
  • The followers work willingly and enthusiastically to achieve those goals. Thus, there is no coercive force which induces the followers to work.
  • Leadership gives an experience of help to followers to attain common goals. It happens when the leader feels the importance of individuals, gives them recognition, and conveys them about the importance of activities performed by them.
  • Leadership is exercised in a particular situation, at a given point of time, and under specific set of circumstances. It implies that leadership styles may be different under different situations.

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