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Personal Development Planning will help you to define and explore your goals and map out ways to turn them into reality. It will enable you to articulate the skills you are developing now in order to open up opportunities in the future. Using the templates in this guide you can build up your Personal Development Plan from goal-setting exercises, together with reflective notes and useful feedback. It will grow according to your input and should prove an excellent tool to manage your own development.

You can either print your documents, or store them to disk. However you decide to manage your files, make sure you keep them safe to use as a reference when you leave University. Whilst studying you will have many opportunities to expand your academic, professional and personal horizons.

The level of engagement and what you get out of your period of higher education is your choice. You have responsibility for your own learning. Taking stock of your position and setting goals in all areas of your life is a crucial step. But in order to maximise your potential you must be clear about how you can transfer the skills and knowledge you have acquired into other situations. You must learn to articulate your unique skills and abilities.

This guide to Personal Development Planning is designed to help you do just that and to look strategically at where you are and where you want to be.

Definition of PDP

A structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development.( Personal development and growth is all about accepting positive change with open arms. For overall personal development, you need to unleash your full potential and learn to believe in yourself and your abilities. Regarded as the building blocks for improving life, personal growth and development are crucial to success.

Most people fail to achieve their goals due to lack of effort, time constraints, or an Inability to focus on the goal.

My personal goal

  • Short term goals:-
  • Finish my PGDMS

    Fine good job

    Finish my master degree in London

  • Long term goals:-

Establish own business

What Is Planning?

Planners help to shape cities, smaller communities, and even rural areas. They help determine how communities will grow and how they will adjust to change. Their contribution to the design and development of communities is to bring together data, citizens ideas and opinions, civic leaders goals, and good planning practice into a deliberative process of community decision making. Often planning goes by the name of urban planning or city and regional planning.

Planners identify the problems facing the community, focusing in particular on the physical, built environment. They may determine that the community needs more public transit or needs to encourage retail businesses in underserved neighborhoods. Planners may help decide where a new water pumping and filtration plant is located and determine what the impact of that plant will be on the environment.

Planning is not an isolated activity; rather, it involves all segments of the community. Planners help create the process by which residents, business people, mayors and city council members, and advocates work together to create a vision for the community, the goals the community wishes to achieve for itself, and the actions it will take to reach the goals. An example of a goal may be creating more affordable housing for residents.

Process of developing a PDP

  1. Nurses should realistically consider:
  2. What are the practice goals?

    What are the skills I now possess? Are they current?

    Am I confident using them?

    What are my gaps? Therefore what are my goals?

    What have I done? What did I never get round to?

    What do I want or need to do in the future?

  3. Prioritise 46
  4. goals with a timescale for achievement.

    Remember that skills needed may cover a wide spectrum. They could be clinical skills, but may often be IT, administrative, knowledge building eg. new GMS contract, management, chairing meetings, communication / consulting skills.

  5. Agree the PDP with practice manager/GP employer/appraiser.

They will need to set these goals against the staff and resources available. Planning for all staff PDPs within a small surgery team can be very difficult. It is always preferable that employees give as much

Importance of having plan

To succeed in your life efforts you must have a plan actually having a plan is vitally important. When one sets outtheir goals and objectives they do so with the real intent of accomplishing something. Setting goals is a different subjectall together but if you want to succeed in your online ventureshaving a goal can give you a marker to aim for.

One of the reasons why people fail to achieve their goals isthat they do not have a plan. They have the ideas and they know what they want but they do not organize themselves. So that theyeventually over invest, run into dead ends or even attempt to doto may projects at the same time.

Importance in my personal planning

  • To Achieve my goal
  • To Good decision making
  • To Help in make a good life

The Importance of Having a Plan

With home renovation, the secret of success lies in careful planning based on a solid understanding of what you want to achieve. This includes having a clear focus on what must be included in your project as well as any other features you would like to include, if your budget allows. In many cases, the final design and specifications for the project will be worked out with the help of a renovation contractor, designer or architect. However, the more information you can give them, the better they are able to provide you with good advice and accurate cost estimates. What does this information consist of? The CHBA provides a list that most renovation contractors recommend


The 5 Most Common Obstacles That Keep You From Reaching Your Goals

Too much information.You've read the books, taken the teleclasses, and studied the websites. You're on information overload, so you go into analysis paralysis. Which means you do nothing.

No clear plan.Many people get lost after they decide to pursue a certain goal. Most goals are merely a progression from where you are to where you want to be. You need a clear plan from A to Z so there's no guesswork.

Shortage of time, money, or other resources.We often are enthusiastic about achieving a certain goal, but fail to do our homework before embarking on the course.

Mindset and attitude.If you don't have the mindset and attitude of a winner, you have less chance of succeeding.

Lack of support or guidance.You may hit some roadblocks and get stuck, not knowing what to do next. On any journey, support and guidance are essential. On a road trip, it's your map or GPS system. Foran online businessit's experienced marketers.

Overcoming Obstacles

Every project faces its share of problems on the path to completion. Projects incorporating unfamiliar practices and concepts, like those integral to sustainable stormwater management, may provoke a different set of challenges than those with a more conventional approach. These obstacles typically stem from a lack of familiarity with the practices, a rigid or restrictive regulatory structure or a general resistance to change. Your approach to the project and to issues raised during development affects your ability to prevent or overcome barriers and to meet project goals and expectations.

When you're just starting out, there are numerous issues you'll find yourself facing every day. Some of these key success factors include being able to:

  • Gain funds for your business without priorcreditor connections
  • Balance your family, school, and business responsibilities
  • Overcome any feelings of insecurity about your age

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