The Afriqiyah airways


The Afriqiyah Airways was established in April 2001 and it started its services on 1st December 2001. It's the national carrier of Libyan government and it has 287 employees in March 2001.The Airline started its business with Boeing 737-400 aircraft, but it has changed in all Airbus equipment from 2003. The Airlines growing international network day by day, covering routes from its base at Tripoli to 17 destination in North, west and Central Africa and Middle East as well as to European Destinations like Paris, London, Rom etc. Now we are going to start new hottest Destination in Asia that is New Delhi and Mumbai.

Launching Two Destinations in India and its Air Fare:

  1. London - Tripoli - Delhi
  2. London - Tripoli - Mumbai

Price launching from London to Delhi and Mumbai:

Destinations Air Fare

  1. London - Tripoli - Delhi £300
  2. London - Tripoli - Mumbai £300

Both destinations fare will be same £300 including all taxes. Most of the airlines London to Delhi and Mumbai fare are not same.

Though our hub city is Tripoli so for that reason our all operations will be conduct from Tripoli city but our operation will be start from European counterpart. That's why we are explaining from London to Tripoli and Tripoli to Delhi & Mumbai.

Starting new Destinations:

We are launching this air service from 1st January 2010. First year expected revenue earning for these destinations journey will be 5 million pound for first year 2010.

Introduce the New Services to the passenger:

  1. Special Meal for Hindu pure vegetarian is very attractive offer for most of the Hindu & Jain passenger of India, which is not available most of the Middle East carrier.
  2. One other lucrative offer we are providing that is one night free stay in 3 star hotels with breakfast and sightseeing in Tripoli city.
  3. Inaugural price we are offering which is the best and lowest rate with competitive airlines fare.
  4. Transit duration in Tripoli only for two hours, in both cases inbound and outbound destination. Other airlines providing sometime more than 2 hours in any destination.
  5. We are providing another attractive offer for the business class passengers from London to Delhi & Mumbai, they will get one more business class ticket free but second passenger has to pay only for airport taxes. Basic fare will be nil.
  6. Luggage Freedom: All airlines offering Normal weight that is 23x2 for economy class but we are providing 24x2 in checked luggage and 10 kg in cabin baggage where others are offering 8 kg.
  7. In cancellation of tickets we are providing only 50% charge refundable to the passenger whereas most of the airlines ticket are non-refundable or may be maximum 25% refundable.

Target Market:

  1. Students: Mostly Asian students coming in United Kingdom for higher studies. In their case we are providing 50 kg + cabin baggage 10 kg for the students specially.
  2. Asian Passengers: Hindu pure vegetarian passengers attracted by the Hindu meal offering by us.
  3. Holiday Maker and Business Tourist: Those who are holiday maker or business tourist they are getting chance to see beautiful Mediterranean coast city Tripoli with free accommodation and food.


By launching this product/service we hope that we will expand our business in the future in the Asian sub continent. In the near future Asian market will be increase day by day for an excellent world class service.



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