Today Business World of technology


Earlier day's people did their business using physical entities. After industrial revolution new inventories, new technology, new equipment had introduced the world .because of that reason business world had been wider and more competitive than it was. Therefore lots of marketers try to find new techniques to improve their business and get competitive advantages.

Then the internet had been found the world and globalization concept entered to the market. As a result of those things the world become to global village. Because of that reason marketers had open new business opportunities .then the business world had become more and more competitive. Business environment had been mare complex and complicated. Then marketers had to face huge competition and they have to find new marketing strategies to face this competition. Because of that reason marketers try to use internet to do their businesses. As a result of internet, the market space was expanding. Then e-commerce- business and e-marketing come to the business world. E- Marketing continues to grow rapidly in both sophistication and integration with main stream marketing communication as more and more marketers embrace the on line opportunities.

E-mail is the main communication tool of the internet. Billions of e-mail accounts have under several search engines like g-mail, hot mail, yahoo mail etc.... . Then marketers try to develop their business through internet. Then they use e- mails to their business. Because of that reason e-mail marketing had been become to the business world. Today many companies use this e-mail marketing strategies to improve their businesses.

What is E-mail?

Electronic mail is a method of exchanging digital massages' e-mail as you may know is the technology of sending and receiving electronic massage over phone lines by computer. More and more people are discovering the advantages of e-mail and more and more business are getting connected to the internet , as evidenced by the increasing number of E-mail address and web site address(URL's) seen in print ads and other marketing communications. E-mail was always transmitted directly from one user's device to another's.

In earlier days people had send their mails, massages and such as those things by using postal service. It had became a very slowly method. Because of that reason lots of people who use postal mails had been converted to the E-mail. E-mail is fast. It is much faster than mail delivered by postal employees. And also it had become a very safety method to send some secret and some valuable massages within each other's without any dough.

More and more people are discovering the advantages of e-mail and more and more business are getting connected to the internet , as evidenced by the increasing number of E-mail address and web site address(URL's) seen in print ads and other marketing communications.

E-mails are very fast. And it also very secure. We can send multimedia messages including texts, graphics and sounds through e-mail message can be sent thousands of people in one moment without retyping massage. So using this e-mails marketer can improve their opportunities.

What is e-mail marketing?

The business world is changing faster than ever before. Old approaches and models are been converted to new models and new approaches. Today entire business world had been one global business village. So every business man, marketers have to do their work together .Whether they like or not they have to do this.

According to the lots of marketers ideas E-mail is the one of today's most efficient and cost-effective direct marketing tool. Lots of studies indicate that while marketing budgets are shrinking spending on E-mail marketing is accelerating.

In the earlier days, around the years 2004-2006, many marketers are not able to effectively leverage E-mail because the lack of the knowledge of how to build an effective E-mail address database. But in the present business world lots of marketers, like everybody use this E-mails to do their marketing activities in whole over the world.

Marketers can use this E-mail marketing methods without any limits. Overall, E-mail marketing has proven to generate better response while being less expensive than many traditional direct marketing methods. Marketers also find the high level of personalization and the ability to track an E-mail marketing campaign at very stage to be attractive features. When consider that recipients also prefer to receive E-mail rather than direct mail. When it is permission - based, can understand why marketer find E-mail marketing such an appalling tool.

To do it marketers need to have many people's skills. But problem is how they will get these skills. Because the people who have these skills not in near places. They are in whole over the world, so because of that reason problem had been started that how will we able to get these people's help. To get these people's help we have to use new technology. So we can make a conversation with these people by using computers that mean we can make a conversation through E-mail. We can identify that is e-mail marketing

.E mail marketing is using emails to distribute your marketing massages'e-mail marketing is a broadest sense and is a form of direct marketing which uses e-mails as a mean of communicating commercial or fundraising messages audiences. This term is can be refer to

  • Sending e mails with the aim of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers and to empower customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Sending e mails with the aim of acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately.
  • Adding advertisement to e mails sent by marketers to their target customers and other relate parties.
  • Sending information about their new brands to target customers and collect their views about those brands.
  • To define problems of products, can do marketing researches using this e-mail marketing programs.
  • To collect evidences and new ideas to evaluate new brand and to introduce new products this fulfills customers' unsatisfied wants.

We can identify three type components of e- mail marketing. Those are

Direct mail:

Using this direct e-mail we can send promotional messages in the form of an might be a notice of a special offer. As a example we think you have number of postal address of your customers to send promotional letters. As same as you can get all the e-mail address of your customers and send them your promotional letters through e-mails. If you haven't those e-mail addresses you can rent them in service companies.

Retention e-mail:

These are kind of the promotional type of e-mails design only to encourage the recipient to take action might send out Retention e-mail.(buy something, sign up for something etc...) these usually take the form of regular e mails known as newsletters. Newsletter. May carries promotional massages or advertisements, but will aim to developing a long term impact on the readers. It should provide to readers with high value which means more than just sales massages. it should contain information that inform entertains or otherwise benefits the readers.

Advertising in other peoples e-mails:

Instead of producing your own news letter, you can find news letter published by others and pay them to put your advertisement in the e-mails they send their subscribers .indeed, there are many news letters that are created for just this purpose to sell advertising space to others.

Advantages of e-mail marketing campaigns

Can be face to the competition very well.

Today business world have become more competitive. Business environment change quickly. So for the survival purpose marketers can use this campaign to attract customers to their business. If they can use E-mail marketing, they can do this more attractively.

Can be collect ideas from target customers.

Today there have some problems about customer satisfaction. We can collect all the information without disturbing to customers using this E-mail marketing campaigns. We give one side of e-mail advertisement to mention their attitude about our product and they reply it. So after we can analyze them and can positioning our brand.

It can save our valuable time.

Time is the most important factor in the world. Today we do not have that much of time to do our work. Even in business world this had been an iternaral truth. So when we do marketing we have to safe our valuable time. When we do marketing trough E-mail it may protect our time more than any things.Because it is the fastest way that we can do marketing.

Can be reducing cost.

E mail marketing campaigns provides the ability to distribute information to a wide range of specific, potential customers at relatively low cost. When comparing with other media investments such as direct mails and newsletters e mails are less expensive.

Can get more benefits than other methods

We can get more benefits through these e mail campaigns exactly we think. When we using other medias. Those have some problems. But in here we can get more value from our investment.

Easy to use and most popular method

E-mail messages are easy to track. An advertiser can track users via auto responder, web blogs, unsubscribe request, read receipts click-throngs, etc... This mechanism can be used to measure open rates. Positive or negative responses and to correlate sales with marketing.

Disadvantages of e-mail marketing

The problems of the technology

As a developing country Sri Lanka has not new technology. Because of that we have to face many technological problems. All the Sri Lankans did not use computer usually. And other thing is there are not enough infrastructure facilities to provide them. There have some rural areas even electricity also not there. So how they use this e-mail campaigns and how marketers enter this campaigns.

Most of Sri Lankans haven't e-mail accounts.

Most of Sri Lankans have not good knowledge of computers and internet. There have minimum e mail accounts to Sri Lanka peoples. If Sri Lankan marketers use this e mail marketing campaign to promote their brands they only target the customers who have e mail accounts.

Can be branded or advertise illegal products

In Sri Lanka culture there has some brands advertisement in banned. But through this e-mails marketing campaigns there have risky to come banned products to our society.

People can get wrong idea about the product.

When we use E-mail as a promotion tool, some people who do not like about that product can make a totally wrong advertise through E-mail

Can be branded as a spammer

Many marketers use e-mail marketing campaigns to communicate with existing customers, but many other companies send unsolicited bulk email, also known as spam's.

Can be braked the low

Be aware that due to nasty spammers' there are very strict low s around the world and it is easy to brake them .for example collecting email addresses without owners consent, even not including their addresses .using a reputable e mail service provide will help through most of issues.

Relevant data base for the e-mail marketing campaign

The collected data must relate to the marketers objectives and goals. Some time some people behave differently when providing personal information.

This frequently depend whether they are providing this information online or offline. In many experience, information gathered online tends to be better in regard to personal demographic and behavioral data, particularly if a contest or reward intensive is a part of the package.

E mail campaign is the way to advertise online. The essence of the e-mail marketing lies in people's keenness to check in box every day. It is observed that e-mail marketing delivers better result and it is getting popular as it is the most effective and efficiency method of advertising online.

Every e-mail sent can create a potential customer and also proved to be the best method to encourage customer loyalty and survival of business.

  • Returns on Investment
  • Assured Results/Traffic
  • Personalized Advertising
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Increased branding opportunities for your goods & services
  • Attracting more visitors to your site
  • Being easily found by customers
  • Improved repeat business traffic
  • Increased sales/leads

Key elements that we minimally want to contain E-mail database.

  1. E-mail address.
  2. Format preference (html or text)
  3. Three to five key preference (topics, products, activities, hobbies, etc.)
  4. Zip/postal code and/or state/province and/or city
  5. E-mail response history (open rate, click-through rate , viral referrals)
  6. Web site history (time spent on site, total page views, most common pages, etc.)
  7. Customer and contacts histories
  8. Internet connection speed (good e-mail system can determine this automatically)
  9. Recipient E-mail application (good e-mail system can determine this automatically)
  10. Name (first name and last name)
  11. Age and gender
  12. Family information (e.g. number of children in household and their ages)

Marketers engaging E-mail marketing for the first time are more likely to be conservative, asking only for an E-mail address and permission. Others will be more aggressive as they try to gather vast amount of data to help them select and personalize the content and offers recipients


Most powerful tool for marketing, most powerful tool for branding, most powerful tool for direct response and most powerful tool for building customer relationships turns out to be plain old, ordinary e-mail.its easy ,it's cheap ,and everybody has an e mail addresses mails are spread like wild fire. When we inquiry from marketers they give different answers but they agree on three things.

  • It's not very expensive.
  • It's not very hard.
  • It's got a better return to than other marketing and advertising techniques.

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