What is hrm

Human Resource is playing a potential role in recent business organasitions. More and more companies hire HR manager to focus on dealing issues in the employment relations .HRM greatly infuences an organization's human and organizational resources and so can be used to gain competitive advantage(Schuler & MacMillan 1984).


Recently definition of the HRM : "Human Resource Management is a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce , using an intergrated array of cultural , structural and personnel techniques."(Storey , 2007)

In my mind , HR's resposeblity is to deal with everything occurs in industrial relations including many different areas and evaluate the relationship between the employee and employer . HR's functions are variable. In common sense, like training, recruitment , interview and employees' work performance judgement and so on. what a HR department should do is to communicate between employer and employee , to do the training , cover everything in process , get everything under control...


People management has been using as a function for quite a long time. The earliest human resource management is people management which was established in the late 18th century caused by the Industrial Revolution. After this phase the theory was gentle changing and developing and adding new values in HRM. But since 80s of 20th century,the developing rate raised up dramatically, HRM changed both the context and content, became systematic, and practical for enterprises widely accepted and gradually replaced the old-fashioned personnel management. Within 9 years the continuous development of human resource management has been explored to contribute to the business strategy. The emerging and developing of Human Resource Strategic Management Theory indicates that a new age of the modern human resources management is born

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment like a random competition, HR cant identify the candidates who can do a job in the organization. I n the recruitment process , HR department tends out to set a priority exam to recruit the random candidates. To see if the candidates have the ability and skill that can face the basic work enquiry.The forms of the entry tests are varied, for example, physical check, skill check, mental ability check and so on. HR department can choose the proper test to recruit for certain jobs.

"Predict which candidates will make the most appropriate contributions to the organization - now and in the future"(Hackett, 1991) . In the selection process , For instance , HR department can choose the certain candidates who have already met the basic needs of the employer , Also predict who will contribute to the company then make decisions whether a appointment will be made to the potential appointees.


Training as a core function of HRM includes planned programs designed to improve performance at the personal, group and organizational levels.Improved performance, in turn, implies that there have been measurable changes in know ledge, skills, attitudes and social behaviour.

The different labour levels decide the training methods. For the undereducated stuff,they definitely need to be trained to be skilled and practical.HR department should provide the labours opportunities to earn the benefits from the training course. In fact,more and more companies invest huge amount of money in labour training or retraining to raise the industrial productivity.

Performance Appraisal

Work performance is a crucial evidence to let the HR manager judge a worker's appearance in the organization . Appraisal was used to decide whether or not the salary or wage of an employee was justified(http://www.performance-appraisal.com/intro.htm).

HR department is in charge of recording every workers' appearances at work.If HR department runs without a structured appraisal system , the judgement HR make will not be fair , lawful and correct and seems to be incorrect and unobjective.If this situation takes place the manager wont know the accurate judgement of the employees' work performance . Furthermore , if some employees has been cut off because of the incorrect appraisal , it will influence other employees' mood and let them lose motivation to do a good job in the organization.


Communication between the high level manager and the first line employee is quite singnificant so far.The manager should know what the employees performances are ,decide to promote some intelligent stuff who can contribute to the company or fire the one who cant face the basic needs of the company.And the employees who working in the first line also want to let the high level manager know what they need , like holidays , trainings , benefits , insurances and so on.


The best mode is 'external fit' by contrast with the best practical model, it focus on the 'fit' with environment and connects the external market conditions and the labour employment.

The emphasis on HMR is the link between HRM and the work performance.The point is 'Institutional settings'. It is good to offer a proper policy or rule to shape the effective strategic HRM. Furthermore, issues from the relationships between HRM and organizational/work performance is asking to let line managers get in more processes involved in sustaining better performance to be a good joint of both parts of the relationship.


In recent years,HR is becoming a more and more singinicant role in the industrial relation s.More employees' sense raise much , their demands of protecting their legal rights or basic rights have been done via HRM. The manager's perception of the employees' behavior at work is more clear .HR department will handle more issues from industrial relations.


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