Bling rides rentals

Bling-Rides Rentals LLC

Bling Rides Rentals is a company that offers high end and luxury vehicles to individual customers and corporate. Our staff and vide network of offices and associates offer various luxury vehicles for rentals and leasing through UAE, the company will be based in Dubai. Highly trained staff combined with strong backend team and technology will make leasing or renting a luxury vehicle the most easiest and friendliest in town.

Service Concept

The concept is to offer high-end performance and luxury vehicles for rent coupled with personalized service and easy rental and leasing procedures.

Service Focus: Luxury vehicles accompanied by exemplary personal service and differentiated from competition in line with the overall brand strategy will prove to be a successful approach in generating high levels of repeat business, both from individuals as well as corporate.

Service Positioning: Bling-Rides will have dedicated offices, kiosks and associates based in all the top five-star plus and business travellers hotel across UAE, with special focus in Dubai. We wish to differentiate through personalized services and pricing. The consistency in service will earn respect among the clients.

Market Needs

As of today, there is no single company with vide network throughout UAE to offer high-end performance and luxury vehicles for rent and long term leasing. Those that are present have their pricing so high and many have shut shop during the recession or have simply merged with big rental companies.

We believe that there is a gap in the market when it comes to leasing and renting luxury cars and high end performing cars. There is no single company that has branches throughout UAE which offers vide variety of cars. Bling-Rides aims to fill this gap.

Service Delivery Concept

Our product, service offering, logistics, geographical presence and friendly customer service will enable high net-worth individuals to rent a luxury car easily at their convenience. Our pricing of various long-term rental schemes of luxury cars will make the corporate seek our tie-ups for their corporate travel purposes throughout the country.

The Market


Market Geographics: Emirate of Dubai is considered as the commercial capital of UAE with its population of 1.77 million. More than 90% are comprised of expatriates.

Market Psychographics: There are many family run businesses that have been prospering for generations. There is strong sense of community, but are usually secluded from one another, expatriates are clubbed in groups based on their nationality.

Market Behaviours: The major businesses are almost monopolist in nature, so people do not have choice. However, in the service sector, there are many players, ranging from small firms to multinationals. People value loyalty that is reflected in long standing relationship between customers and suppliers.


Market trend for luxury car rental segment can be classified as follows; they are in-bound luxury tourist inflow and local business trends.

In-bound luxury tourist inflow:

As a result of consistent positioning of Dubai as the short-term luxury tourist destination among the Europeans, this segment attracts people with high net worth to visit Dubai for enjoying few days of sun, water activities, shopping, etc. This is the segment that is most likely to make impulsive decision to hire luxury rent a cars, considering the currency rate and on comparing with the similar service back home, luxury car rentals are at bargain prices for them in Dubai.

Local Business Trends

Even though recession has lead to several corporate to cut their spending on various perks such as hosting their guests in high end luxury hotels and moving them around in the city with luxury vehicles, chauffer driven. The competitive hotel industry has developed several schemes whereby corporate have a special deal, all under one-roof, right from high-end accommodation, offering tourists guide, luxury vehicles, etc.

Market Growth

Absence of any statistics related to the car rental sector in UAE, we assume that the growth rate of this market is nearly double digit. Further formation of Dubai Car Rental Group, a body of rent a car operations and companies have come together and have implemented various quality management programmed and also liaise with chamber of commerce to provide better services to various hotels in the city, thus the service offering in this segment is becoming more and more professional.

Macro environment

There are external and environmental issues that affect the luxury car rental segment, they are as follows:


A stable political environment, absence of any anticipated unrest in the near future, therefore nothing to affect our ability to generate revenue.


Those that are adversely affected by recession are the companies that are in the real estate segment and its related industry. The construction industry is fast recovering, and the hotel industry is expanding even though the last few quarters have had fall in the occupancy rates. Soon any restrictions in the corporate travel and perks policy will also be fully lifted, thus the market will be back to normal and continue to grow. This will have positive affect on our ability to generate revenue and growth.


Dubai has always been known for its luxury, shopping and most importantly its life style. It is a place where people consider that there is value for their money. Thus our value added differentiation strategy will certainly help us to position ourselves better.


More and more high-end hotel bookings are coming through online reservation. This type of customers are more inclined to take up offers that package a luxury car rental scheme along with their room rent and holiday package. This will require tie-ups with various hotel reservations departments.

SWOT on Tourism Sector in UAE


  • Dubai has become an international travel hub, not only in MENA region but also it is established as an international conference venue and travellers stopping point
  • Dubai is also known as one of the safest destination in the gulf region
  • UAE as a whole offers good to excellent standards of accommodation, various infrastructure projects being developed across the coastline
  • Government is making serious efforts to make tourism as one of its economic pillars by way of investing in the sector and further developing it
  • Regardless of the recession, the sector has attracted various investments from international hospitality groups around the world


  • Focus and development of tourism seems to be concentration only in the emirates of Dubai, other emirates have still lots to catch up
  • Throughout the recent history, the unrest in the region has reflected in huge fluctuations in the tourist arrivals for UAE
  • Middle east market as a whole is still considered underdeveloped in tourism compared to other regions of the world
  • Opportunities

    • The focus on other emirates in developing tourism has great potential
    • There are more airlines coming up connecting other emirates to the rest of the tourist world
    • Abu Dhabi has recently made various progress in positioning itself as the tourist hub with the opening of Formula One grand prix
    • Dubai is well established as the destination for short holidays among European and middle eastern tourists
    • Self catering accommodation is set to expand in Dubai


    • The sector is strongly susceptible to oil price fluctuations
    • Due to recession, the last two quarters have seen steep falls in occupancy rates
    • Weakening of investor confidence due to real estate crash in Dubai has had its negative effect on tourism generally throughout the region
    • There is a concern about a possible terrorist attack in UAE

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