Communication plan: New range of clothes


This report saying about communication plan to produce a new range of clothes for a large retail store. For that this plan was created according to primary and secondary research.

Primary research :

Primary research involves doing studies with potential customers to find out how they feel about product or service and answer a myriad of other question about there shopping habits and preferences (Peri 2008)

In this fast and stylish world everything will change every minutes at the same times marketing planers have to consider consumers interests and needs if they want to know about consumers behaviors they have to do primary research.

This report primary research was did it by two ways

Online Questions

Primary research will help to find out our particular needs for that we have to ask question but in this busy world we cant stop any one and cant ask our question this way will waste our valuable time as well so Im used social web (face book) site to find out the answer of my question. I'm found 20 united kingdom youngster and I chatted with then in online and through mail how ever I got 13 feedback then I Chose more 20 people and I got 17 feedback. This way helped to find out what ever I want to know.

Live viewed.

I chose another way to find consumers behaviors for that I went to Croydon town center there is so many fashion shops I'm viewed stores, number of people the stores, which segment consumers mostly buy products which is most accretive in those stores. How are they show they product. Which is marked me to go there stores I identify those . and I have talked with some people and I got some more ideas.

Secondary research :

This type of research is based on information gleaned from studies previously performed by government agencies, chambers of commerce, trade associations, and other organizations. It's usually published in pamphlets, newsletters, trade publications, web site, magazines, and newspapers.

In our secondary research I used news papers, websites, marketing magazine and I found the way which is easily and clearly researched consumers. I found the advertisement media, models, brand name, logo. Our brand is new to market so we must have to impress and make interest to buy our product for that I got some new ideas from my secondary research.


According to my research I realized that cloths product business very competitive in market, there are large number of stores every stores have some speculation. So we also have to make special think to consumers.

Our target

secondary rearch.


The UK retail clothing market was worth $43 billion in 2000, having grown by just 3.8% since 1999. Women's, girls' and children's clothing account for the major share of the market, making up 68.7% of the total value . so our main target women's.

Age ?

The total population of the UK is approximately 60 million, and is split roughly equally beween men and women.

By age, the population is divided as follows:

  • 0-19 - 25.4%
  • 20-49 - 42.3%
  • 49 + - 32.3%

Over 83 percent of clothing and accessories are purchased by women over 25. Even 28 percent of menswear purchased in the UK is bought by women.(web 1)

According to this our main targeting age 20 + because this is the working class people and this is the perfect age enjoy the life and love and buy what ever they want.

If we use this segment consumer behaviour we can easily reach the market.

From Primary research

According to my secondary research our target women's and 20+ people so im chose 40 teenagers and asked some question.

Result of my research :

First of all we need a brand name 'Heart of fashion' . we are targeting teenagers



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