ECO friendly products

Task 1

You need to do some research to familiarise yourself with the subject area and to gain some ideas about how you can carry out the rest of the project. There is a number of websites available specialising in the sale of environmentally friendly products to businesses. In addition to this, you should also undertake some research to identify the key elements that an effective security policy typically includes. Use a maximum of 2 hours to review these areas. Bookmark the relevant sites and make notes of information that you can use in your assignment.

This task is taking a very big subject to take an idea about, so I am to do some research on the internet to collect some hints from those websites that have relation with sale of environmentally friendly products to businesses (ECO friendly products), to try to understand how those sites take business and how they do it and how can such websites help me to carry on my assignment

So many sites, with so many ideas, about how to run such a business, on how to convince business men to adopt an ECO friendly environment

I went through the following websites

After surfing those sties I think that I am able to get a clear impression on how to seek the best ways to build my site m and how will I manage to market it and merging IT with E-commerce to obtain the best results.

Task 2

Produce a project plan for the way you intend to complete the rest of this assignment. For planning, use the timescale you have been allocated for these assignments i.e. from the date you start to the date you submit your assignment. Submit a copy of your plan to your tutor BEFORE you proceed further with the assignment.

time scale is an effective to accomplish this assignment, so I will try to sit a timescale for my self taking tasks one after anther to make what is best in a short period, so for me it started as soon as I took this assignment and it started by taking a clear idea about what I am going to do and figuring out how I am going to do it. So I divided the project into different stages and of course some stages might take a longer time to accomplish than other stages and so for not losing time a maximum period set for each stage to be accomplished and reviewed with the tutor not more than 10 days per stage

Stage 1 Gathering data and capturing ideas:

Which is task 1, search the internet exploring sites and capturing ideas.

Stage 2: interviews:

Record hints and ideas and review it with the touter and trying to extract data for other tasks like task 4, and task 6

stage3: reporting:

Preparing for lunching the website and considering the security policies, also considering the whole project plan and marketing strategies.

Stage 4: assessment of the project progress:

At that period I should have accomplished most of the assignment, assessing and reassessing what have been done.

Stage 5: the completion of the project

And in this stage I am ready to give my presentation which is task 3

Task 4

Write a marketing plan (of no more than 1500 words) identifying the ways in which the new Green Office Online site could be promoted. The plan should specify the various activities that could be undertaken in order to make potential customers aware of the new e-commerce site and encourage them to visit it. These should, ideally, be a mixture of online and offline activities. The plan should specifically include the ways in which you might exploit existing online communities or the establishment of a new online community in order to promote the new site. It should also emphasise the fact that this is a business-to business application that in the first instance is intended for a business audience

The current task aims to deliver a professional marketing plan that will eventually lead to a successful website so we are going to emphasis on the following to ensure optimum result:

* The marketing message to be delivered

* How to deliver this message

* How to promote the site in various ways

* The strategy to be fallowed

* Features of this strategy

* Assessment of the website activities

* Analysing data and feedbacks form customers

* Considering future expansion of the website activates

The marketing message:

I believe that even great ideas if not promoted will they will eventually fail and due to the big competion and wide market so the message has to be clear and the more important is how to deliver it to the potential customers.

So we have to have a plan on how we intend to enter this wide market and how to make customers come to us.

This point can accomplish if we know how to deliver our message and to insure that the following points has to be taken into consideration:

* The domain name we will take must be easy and attractive at the same time

* How to make this domain name first in search engines

* sponsored listings in a well known search engine or yahoo

* Identification of potential customers

* How to approach these customers

· Considering directed email marketing message to potential customers

· The products we are introducing

· The strategies to market these products

To ensure the implication of all of the above points we have to:


- URL Registry which is very important to and allows us to be existed and makes us sound professional and adds creditability to our business

- The domain name which is a very important thing

- Our domain name reflects us and how good we are

- An easy to remeber and soundable domain name say We are here

- the design of the site must be attractive , not over crowded and showing both our message and proper showing of our products

- The contents of the site, the content are the best advertisement - if visitors love the content, then they will go back and spread the word to others.

- Syndicating our website with an RSS/XML news feed allows customers to be notified as soon as the website is updated

- Paid Search Engine Inclusion and Placement: This is the option of purchasing a top listing on results pages


Promoting the site: Be Interesting

This can be difficult in the beginning as promotion can take some time to be effective and the success in this issue can mean either the success of the whole project or not. And knowing the World Wide Web is a place for every one how wants to be there but he has to know how to be there in first place and I am concedring the following?

1- Advertising on the web and this can be accomplished by many ways

* Advertising in related sites that are closely related but not similar to our site

* Seeking Site sponsors as this sponsorship can help us to spread our message as ads by Google.

* Placing banner advertisement in business forums.

* Making partnerships with other similar sites and swap advertisements with them

* Offering of free subscription in the website , so we can direct emails to them

* Offering discounts

* Including an "e-mail this link" on every page of the website.

* Submit articles. By Writing articles and submitting them to websites accepting author submissions with backlinks for our website

2- Directed emails to potential customers knowing that these most of these customers use a web email :

* Conceder buying valid email addresses and contact them.

* Sending company newsletters with our good offering of our products.

* Press releases

* Placing advertisements on the email with directed links to our website

* Offering free updates subscription of our site

* Offering seasonal discounts

* building an online community

* Adopt the surveys strategy in our emails so we can figure how clients think.

* Offering reminder services

* The use of automated e-mail communications

* Making customers consider environment friendly products

* Arousing of the environment related issues and how our products help the society

And now the offline marketing:

As this way is also as efficient as online marketing in achieving our goals and this can be approached by:

1- Placing advertisements in a wide spread daily newspaper

2- Placing advertisements in a magazine that conceder environmental issues.

3- Placing advertisements in a business magazine

4- Sponsoring environmental activates.

5- Printing URL in all day to day business items e.g. . . . invoices, faxes, envelope letters

6- Press realises include web address in all press releases send out to members of the media.

7- distributing items such as pencils, pens, t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads with the site URL printed on it

And now the strategy of our marketing:

The marketing strategy must concentrate upon customer satisfaction as a main goal .This can be approached by two ways either a product based marketing strategy or a customer based marketing strategy

In a product based marketing strategy we have to conceder both the nature of our products and the nature of our potential customers and categorising the products is very efficient as most office supplies stores online and major companies sites on the internet think that there customers organise there needs in categories and adopt such a strategy side by side with other strategies, so if we adapted a search box with a drop down list with categorises so that clients can easily find what they are looking for in our site and stick to it

And by saying side by side with other strategies I ment the customer based marketing strategy and that can be done by identifying the group of customers who shares common interests and characteristics so we have to make the customer think he is on his own website and to easily interact as we mentioned before customer satisfaction in the main goal they have to see our site as a flexible site with options that meet there demands , and we have to know that we have 3 main types of visitors to our website how are

§ web browsers

§ Shoppers

§ Buyers

So we have to concentrate on theses 3 main categories of website visitors.

And so we have to make web browser wither turn into buyers or make them speak a word for us and make them stay as long as possible in our site and explore our products.

Shoppers are people who shows some interest in our products and we have to convince them to pick up form our products and that can be simply be done be adding a cart in our site that they can pick there own choices into them and if possible to compare them with other products form the same category.

And if these shoppers decide the will by form us the turn into buyers, so we aim into how to turn shoppers into buyers by

§ Simplifying the checkout process

§ display the shopping cart and its contents on every page as a reminder

§ Follow up If a customer has already created an account and then abandons a shopping cart, it's possible to follow up with an e-mail

We have to build trust with our current customers to guarantee there loyalty and we have to build trust with our potential customers and guarantee that nothing will with hold there purchase Transaction

And we have to create awareness between our different types of customers to our different types of products and sections of our site. and encourage customers to explore different sections on our site and our company field and help them to gain more and more information about our practise and company and make that easy for them and by that we might have earned there loyalty .

And building a business with creditability wants commitment form our side to our current customers and act like real professionals in this field , and that way we present our self to the customers that there trust was in place .

Customer relationship management CRM

Overall goals are to find, attract, and win new customers. As customer relationship management has matured and broadened as a concept over the years. It's done by using a particular tools and software that can help us to accomplish this mission correctly

and it help us by efficiently track and record about every customer and supplier interactions, including emails that gathers information about customers that can help us to reassess our strategies and can also help us in expanding and developing our services and it can be beneficial to our site in exploring , expanding and improving our website ,

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a method of Online Marketing that is frequently employed by businesses both as a revenue stream and advertising medium and if we adopt such a strategy we can expand our promotion areas and we can also profit form it by Commissions, as this strategy adopts a pre click or a pre action method and it does not incur a marketing expense unless results are accrued

Words in this task are 1500 or more.

Task 5

Put together an outline project plan for the development and launch of the Green Office Online ecommerce site. This should be made up of TEN key project stages and associated objectives, together with a brief description of each. The project plan should also include the associated timescales for undertaking these project stages and achieving the specified objectives.

Stage one


· Creative brief created.

· Outline site design goals.

· Concept developed and defined.

· Overall budget and schedule approved.

· Technical needs detailed.

Stage two



· Site structure defined, navigation and

Page flow developed.

· Sitemap completed.

· Technical needs addressed and clari -


· Content acquisition begins.

Stage three



• Branding

• Site navigation

• Content display

• Data structure

Stage four




· User Interface (UI) Design begins.

· Design presented and look and feel is


· Content acquisition begins

Stage five




· HTML Protosite (non-design oriented)

· developed following approved page flow

· UI design.

· Categorise products

· Design is finalized.

Stage six




· Art Production/GIF animation production

begins using Protosite as outline and


· Begin HTML production.

Stage seven



· Continue HTML production and neces -

sary programming, incorporating content

And graphics into final site.

Stage eight


* Beta version of site is "live" for client


* internal testing and Quality

* Assurance (QA) begins.

* (Usability testing takes place.)

* Freeze content.

Stage nine


* Site moved to end server for cross-plat-

form/browser testing and QA.

* Additional testing & QA, necessary


* Final approval.

* Search engine optimisation

* Promotion/marketing announcements

* E-marketing

* Database cleansing


Stage ten




• Site maintenance

• Content updating

• Analysing statistics

• User feedback

• Performance reviews

Task 6

Write a short briefing document of no more than 600 words that outlines the major benefits of having an effective security policy in place for an online business. The document should also briefly describe FOUR areas that should be addressed by a security policy and provide a reference to an international standard that could be used by businesses as the basis for the development of a security policy.

Information security means protecting our information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disruption, modification or even destruction. Thus protecting confidential information is an essential business requirement.

It should be noted that there is no single method for developing a security policy or policies, Many factors must be taken into account, including audience type and company business and size and thus the stronger is our security policies the more creditability we gain in the market , and thus protecting our customers , assets , and our carrier.

Why Do we Need Security Policy?

* Help minimize risk

* Protect customers , information and assets

* Set the rules for expected behaviour by users, system administrators,

Management and security personnel

* Authorize security personnel to monitor , probe and investigate rules, customers , assets and violations

* Gain customers trust and guarantee there loyalty

* Ensure the integrity of data processing operations and protect them from

Unauthorized use.

* Ensure the confidentiality of the customer's and your processed data, and prevent unauthorized disclosure or use.

* prevent gaining access to financial information about your business, employees or our customers for the purposes of fraud

The Key concepts in implanting the security policies are:

1 - Confidentiality: it is used to prevent the disclosure of information to unauthorized individuals or systems, Confidentiality is necessary but some how not sufficient for maintaining the privacy of the people whose personal information a system holds.

3- Integrity : In information security integrity means that data cannot be

modified without authorization. This is not the same thing as referential integrity in data bases. Integrity is violated when an employee accidentally or with malicious intent deletes important data files, when a computer viruses infects a computer or when an employee is able to modify his own salary in a payroll database.\

4- Availability of any information system to serve its purpose, the information must be available when it is needed.

5- Authenticity In computing, E- business and information security it is necessary to ensure that the data, transactions, communications or documents.

6- Risk management is the process of identifying vulnerabilities and threats to the information resources used by an organization in achieving business objectives, and deciding what countermeasures, if any, to take in reducing risk to an acceptable level, based on the value of the information resource to the organization

7- Administrative: Administrative controls consist of approved written policies, procedures, standards and guidelines. Administrative controls form the framework for running the business and managing people

8- Logical controls use a software and data to monitor and control of accessing information and computing systems. For example: passwords, network and host based firewalls

9- Security classification for information: it's an important aspect of information security, and thus risk management is recognized as the value of information and defining an appropriate procedures and protection requirements for this information.

10- Access control which is to protected our information and must be restricted to personals who are authorized to access these information

The PCI DSS international standard will help us develop our security policy using international standard available



* e Commerce Best Practices - How to market, sell, and service customers with internet technologies by Thomas M McFadyen and McFadyen Solutions





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