Marriott Hotel

Marriott is a four star deluxe hotel and is one of the leading hotels in the Heathrow area. Marriott is the top among other 18 hotels in Heathrow in business. As it is an airport hotel, its major clients are business guests and tourists. It is situated in near the Heathrow airport and is well connected to London via Heathrow express. Marriott is situated in Harlington Road, UB3 5AN, United Kingdom.


Marriott has 393 rooms.

Heathrow Marriott has five food and beverage outlets they are as follows,

  • Allies American Grille: Has nice selection of different wines and serves English and American cuisine.
  • Tuscany: is the fine dining restaurant, which serves Italian cuisine.
  • Barhemia: is the proper English bar.
  • Atrium: is the food and beverage outlet, which serves sandwiches, pizza and some light snacks.
  • Costa coffee: serves different types of coffee.

Apart from this, the hotel has a 24 hour room service. Marriott also has 15 meeting rooms, Gym, swimming pool and spa. Marriott also has a cash machine in the hotel. Business centre provides internet, fax and photocopy facilities.

Marriott current position in market:

According to Miss. Flora Gailliard, hospitality industry is one of the fasted growing sectors of economy in the present era. It involves planning, organisation, directing and controlling of human and material resources within the lodging, restaurant, travel and tourism, institutional management, recreational management and meeting and convention planning industries. The aim of the hospitality industry is provide consistent and quality product and service.

There are 18 hotels in the airport area as the competition for Marriott. Marriott is one of the top hotels among the 18 hotels in Heathrow area in term of business. In term of business and profits, Heathrow Marriott is ahead of all.

As per the current market, recession affected most of the organisation. Recession minimised the spending habits of the guests. People stopped travelling, the big companies that used to undertake their conferences in the4 star 5 star hotels are now booking in the cheaper hotels because of the financial crisis. Thus, recession affected most of the organisation. Marriott has done really well to overcome the effects caused by recession. The main strategy implemented by Marriott is to control the payroll. Moreover, control wastage. This helped Marriott to be successful in the market.

Target market and products offered by Marriott:

  1. As Marriott is an airport hotel, its clients are business and tourists. The hotel has a contract with Emirates airlines, which helps in getting more revenue from the crewmembers in term of rooms and food and beverage.
  2. Olympics 2012 is said to be attracting 18million people all over the world. Marriott is looking forward to cater more people during the Olympics season. According to Ann Whelan (HR Director) “Hotel staff are being poached by competitors to maintain talent in the run up to the 2012 Olympic games”. Taking Olympics 2012 into consideration Marriott is now focusing on retaining the skilled staff, by providing a friendly working atmosphere and training them. Marriott is also focusing on the refurbishment of the rooms, bar and other outlets taking Olympics into consideration.
  4. As Marriott is an airport hotel its cliental is limited to business guests and tourists. Marriott always come up with different promotional activities to retain its in house or long staying guests. For example the long staying guests get a discount of 10% (platinum or gold card).

Marriott is now targeting the non-resident guest. In order to attract these guest Marriott is providing leisure club (gym, pool) membership facilities to non-resident guest. These members get a discount of 30% on any Marriott outlets. This, helps in attracting more non-resident guests.

  1. Marriott has a promotional strategy like KIDS EAT FREE (while their parents or guardians accompany them). It has another strategy like WATCH FREE MOVIE for those who have dinner between 5pm to 7pm. By implementing this strategy, Marriott is trying to attract more family guests and kids.
  2. Marriott has a huge conference and banqueting rooms which attract most companies to hold their conferences and meetings in the hotel. In order to retain business clients Marriott is planning to refurbish the conference rooms with the latest technology and equipments.

Marketing mix

The ‘marketing mix' is a set of controllable, tactical marketing tools that work together to achieve company's objectives. Marketing MIX helps to identify the needs and wants of the customer, it provides the organisation tools to target the specific market in an efficient and effective manner in front of their competitors.

Hospitality industry is also using marketing mix since mid-1950. It have become the important tool of this industry but before the use of the marketing mix the customer was using hotel and restaurant as a trial purchase of the product and service to experience the environment of the hospitality industry, then the service encounter was done to understand the customer behaviour and employee behaviour, then the stage after service encounter made organisation to do audit to identify the quality of product and service, customer satisfaction and to promote the long term healthy behaviour with the customer as per Alistair Williams. As Robson and Rowe (1997) 'it seems to be the case that the leading marketing academics are currently viewing both themselves and their discipline as a critical factor in business successes

Marketing analysis is done based on four elements

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion


Product decisions give the organisation create unique varieties to the customer and to be in competition in the market. Brand image by individuality go the product by quality of the product, packing of the product, safety, warranty, styling of the product. This can give the advantage over of the other competitors. Like Marriott is always providing a fantastic quality of product and service, such as for charismas the Marriott introduce a good deal for attracting the customer, for example in leisure club 12 days fitness form 12 pound, 2 weeks trial membership in 30 pounds, in member


Pricing is the opposite of the sale revenue it the cost incurred to sale the product. Pricing is the important factor to consider to determine the value of the sale, so it require to analysis the customer behaviour, what kind of the customer we are targeting, flexibility of the market and economic as it may fluctuated the price of product.


Place may make the difference in the product served and the price we are serving. Place may give idea what kind of customer we are attracting if the hotel is located in the airport then we are attracting travellers who may be staying for just one day and have to catch a flight another day so it may differ the price as well and the quality of the product.


Promotion is the important tool for every organisation to communicate with the customer, it creates an awareness of the product, it gives the organisation to attract new customer due to its global reach.

Market mix (2009)

The important of the marketing mix

  • Understand the customer behaviour
  • It gibe the organisation to explore their quality of service and give advantage over their competitors
  • It identifies the loophole and the gap of the organisation so that new product or service can be developed to make their weakness to strength and create new opportunities to the organisation.
  • It identifies and sharp the focuses the specific strategy.
  • It gives idea to the organisation about the profitability of each department segment and strategy.
  • Identify the trends and to introduce new product to the customer taste.
  • Identify the cost of procedure to carry out the strategy and the time management to reduce the cost of procedure.
  • Proper promotion media is used so that the product and service can be recognised.

Marketing audit:-

Idea + strategy + marketing = success

Before deciding the marketing strategy, we have to understand what is including in pestle for marketing strategy. The PESTLE analysis is an important element in marketing planning for identifying the environment elements, the strategy tools helps to identify the political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legislative issues affecting the strategies development of the organisation.

Marketing audit is a process of identify the business plan and process to identify the sense point to the organization, marking audit may consider according to the internal and external marketing plan. It is the certain identification of the business finance for business marketing audit creates the opportunities for the organization to find the business limitation and create a perfect the perfect performance check. The marketing audit can be done on bases of quantitative and qualitative analysis to measure the business performance check. The marketing audit consider the time consideration, if the strategy is not implemented on the specify period then the strategy will not work.

Marketing audit may be considered according to the external and internal audit. External audit refers as per the political issue, economical issue. In addition, internal issue depends upon the internal customer behaviour. This analysis the proper target goal for the organization.

Status of convention centre hotel operator selection (2009)


TOP AMONGST ITS COMPETITORS: - The Marriott is one of the leading organisations in hospitality sector, it is a well know brand in globe. The Heathrow Marriott is situated terminal one and three. Near the Marriott hotel, there have 18 hotels but no one a big competitor of the Marriott, the target market of this hotel is leisure and business guest. It is a strongest part of the Marriott to make business.

STRONG RESERVATION SYSTEM: - Marriott has 2959 hotels in worldwide and them very good reservation system. It is one of the strongest parts of the hotel. The Marriott is situated all place of the world therefore it able to attract the customer towards the company as well as the company providing a good marketing strategy. In the market, Marriott has good will about the service and product.


STAFF TURNOVER: - According to the restaurant manage Mr. Nahid Yasin, the Heathrow Marriott has a major staff turnover, it is matter to be concerned for the hotel. Because of the staff turnover, it will affect the productivity and service standards, lower morale of good staff, and effect on revenue and guest satisfaction. It will effect on marketing strategy because the customer review will be bad for Marriott.

VALUE OF MONEY: - according the review, in the periods of the recessions, Marriott did not change the cost of product; the food review of the Marriott is 4.5%. The food and rooms of the Marriott are not valuable as per the review. It is difficult to digest to the Marriott group.

Customers: The main target market customers for Marriott Heathrow are business clientele. Business delegates contribute more than seventy percent of business at Marriott. Some of the corporate companies, which loyal to Marriott's are British Petroleum, IBM, Dhl etc. These customers have a direct impact on marketing department, which plays a vital role in meeting the sales targets of hotels. The marketing department at Marriott has very attractive strategy to woo this business clientele to maximise its profits and acquire more market segment


POLITICAL: - Political issues have a direct impact on Marriott's Heathrow. It is very important for Marriott is to maintain healthy political links with leading party leaders for goodwill of business. Some of the government mandates like no-smoking have a strong impact on hospitality industry. The hotel Marriott had removed the all cigarettes wending machine from the hotel but they introduce the smoking zone in the hotel area, they make marketing strategy to attracting the smoking guest into the hotel, they developed the smoking friendly rooms and provided the corridor of each room.

ECONOMICAL: - the hotel experiencing a sharp slump in demand. In the year the usk hospitality organisation are in recession, therefore the next year (2009) it will very difficult to look forward, the Marriott has done and implement the marketing strategy for attracting the leisure and business guest, the Marriott is providing attractive offers to the guest like they allow the leisure membership to unoccupied guest( walking guest). The Marriott keep the same traffic rate but they put more facilities in that.

Hospitality and leisure (2009)

TECHNOLOGY: - The technology plays a vital role in business. Over the year the establishment is depends on the technology, the hospitality technology continues to provide a best and complete software solution to the hospitality sector. The technology providing a concentrate on delivering service, safe knowledge about the market, Marriott product range interfaces with wild range of brand and therefore our clients can benefit from our company.

SOCIAL (Macro): - The hotel and catering industry is one of the largest employer in United Kingdom, some ten percentage of the British work are engaged hotel and catering employment. It is include the social mobility, income sharing, and providing skills acquired. Marriott abides by social ethics of people and ethics by investors in people (IIP).Marriott makes its organisation very diverse by employing the staff from different ethnic cultures. The organisation has realised the importance of globalisation and thereby hires multilingual staff that are much more versatile as compared to locals.

Marketing strategies

Marketing is everyone's strategy in today's business world. Marketing is the first strategy which is adopted by every business in today's world. In order to make the product or services known the marketing strategy is adopted by business organization. To be successful in hospitality industry the management team also should understand the market, economic, social, legal compliance, & demographic trends, & how to develop a marketing strategy that will increase the demand for the product. Marketing strategy is such an strategy which will give definitely the services a pioneer position in the hotel industry. The marketing plan for a specific product or service such as discount to a new customer a business enterprise should or a single event it is essential to analyse the internal business environment. The marketing mix of the hotel industry should constitute the 4 p's i.e. Product, price, place & promotion. The marketing strategy should be designed in such a way that the product developed is best in the quality of the services which will satisfy the ultimate customers. The product price should be such that the it profits the business as well as it will satisfy the customers that the price is worth of the service. The location of the food providing service should be situated to a place where they can grab a bite in their busy schedule. Essential of the existing & potential markets for hotel product. Most new product is brought to the attention of the buyer & existing ones are kept in the buyers awareness through promotion. Though marketing is a very important & useful strategy in the hotel industry it is having some of the advantages & disadvantages.

Advantages of marketing

  1. Needs & wants of the customers: Marketing helps to analyses the needs & wants of the customers. It conducts a research which will help the organization to cater to the needs & wants of the customers through which they will be satisfied to the maximum.
  2. Demand for product: The marketing helps to determine the demand for the product. It helps to analyse the market & analyse the demand of the product.
  3. Identifies the competitors: The marketing strategy helps to find the competitors advantage & develop the product better than their competitor. It analyse the firms & own competitive edge.
  4. Identifies the product satisfies customers: The marketing strategy analyse the market & comes out with a product or services which will provide them maximum satisfaction which automatically increases cash inflow.

Disadvantages of marketing

  1. Faulty marketing decision: If the marketing decision or strategy taken is wrong that may lead to unsatisfied customers. The wrong decision may be due to wrong data provided by the management. Faulty decision is very risky as that may damage the reputation of the hotel.
  2. Identifies weakness of the skills: The marketing strategy find the weakness of the skills of the organization which may be hampered in achieving the organizations goal.
  3. Identifies weakness of the plans: The marketing strategy identifies the weakness of the plan formulated. This is because the plans implemented may not have achieved the desired targets.
  4. Financial projections: The marketing strategy adopted may create the financial projections if the information provided is wrongly interpreted. Marketing strategy must be analyzed properly otherwise that may lead to financial crisis.

Marketing strategy helps the organization to increase the demand of the services provided by the organization. The marketing strategy is used in different ways. Different marketing strategy helps the organization to increase the market demand of the service which will increase the incomes of the hotels. Marketing strategy adopted depends on the demand for the product. Different marketing strategies are adopted such as offering discounts to the customers, providing some complementary service to the customers, providing a room for the children on booking of luxury rooms. The best marketing strategy is adopted y intercontinental hotel groups of discounted packages if booking is one through internet. Marketing strategy is designed to foster brand loyalty in customers so that they will always book & stay at recognized hotels like Park royal etc. Providing discounted packages to the customers is an powerful method of persuading customer .e.g. A business travellers has always remained loyal to one motel chain, a discounted deal may persuade them to try another such product sold below cost to attract customers is called a loss leader. Marketing achieves the objective only when the room of a hotel is occupied, the tables are already reserved for the day, and function arrangement is agreed with the organizer.

Business-advantage and disadvantages of the marketing plan (2008)

The marketing strategy for Marriott for Olympic 2012

To be a five stars hotel in Heathrow area, London:-

This is new strategy of the Marriott chains to be renovate a five star hotel in Heathrow area before the Olympic, it is a new marketing strategy of the Marriott to attracting a more customer in Olympic secession, for that the Marriott has improve the standards of service and quality of product. Now the Marriott has 399 rooms, they have to increase the room as they can, the hotel has understand the needs of customers about the living standard and according to that they have to make strategy for attracting the customers. They have to consented the food menu as well, because in Olympic the different kinds of customer will arrive the Heathrow airport.

Travel information and travel service:-

The Marriott will provide free travel coach from airport and hotel, the Marriott will provide the CDs and DVDs about the London information, it will helps to new guest whose arrive in London first time , the Marriott will make worldwide software only for the Marriott guest, for helping to get the information in local area. It is a good strategy for Marriott to attract the guest.

Promoting new menu fusion food

As people like to new things so there is new menu been introduced in the organisation. It is known as fusion menu. as people like different taste, original food and using different ingredience and mix of cuisines , as it will be a new trend which will be a wide variety of dishes of different religions and come out with new ideas, this will increase the customers in 2012 Olympics and create a friendly and family atmosphere for people who comes for the 2012 Olympics the people coming from different countries, and will increase the revenue in the organisation ..

Reducing guest complaints:

Marriott follows Brand Standards which are decided by the Marriott head office in Washington. These brand standards should be followed by all employees in the hotel. These brand standards help to provide consistent and high standard service. Thus, brand standards helps in reducing guest complaints. Marriott is always known for its training programme. The hotel is concentrating on the training programme like situation handling, working under pressure etc. Thus, this training programme helps in reducing guest's complaints.

Boston matrix

Boston matrix is one of the kinds of analysing tool the business marketing of the organisation it analysis the potential of the organisation. It identify distinguish according to the four category of the Boston matrix. It identify the present business position what are there growth, there market shares, there new strategy, there revenue generating source, there supporting roles, there limitation. It give the brooder way of analysis the business performance.

Above the FOURE diagrams, they have their own stage and name; it is implementing on the business

STAR: - the stars show the value of product in that stage the product is a growing star in fast going industry. It generator high share in market. In a few years, the rising star becomes the next cash cow of the organisation. It require extra cash or revenue to improve the rising star but it is worthwhile of investment in the rising star, after some periods of time the rising star slowdown in growth and become cash cow for the organisation.

COW:- the cash cow is a position of a market share in mature market, if the cash cow achieve the advantages in competitive sector , cash cow become a high revenue generator and high profit margins as well as it generate lot of cash flow

Dog: - it is an end stage of product, which is low shares and profit margin in market. It is not generating cash for organisation in for itself. It is surviving with help of other source of income of the organisation. Dogs is kept in the organisation just for job case of the staff otherwise should remove from the organisation or transfer its market shares to the other growing star of the organisation.

Product portfolio strategy (2007)

Question mark

The organisation does not know what it is, it can be a rising stare or the dogs to the organisation. Question mark requires a huge investment of the revenue and the proper strategy to be implemented to the organisation. Proper planning and action plan is required to market the product in the market.

The recommendation of the current business strategy

We would like to strategy recommendation for the business depend upon the current business strategy. The quality of the business organization upon the proper business performance, the Marriott hotel before does not have the proper strategic plan which lack the quality of the service, of the standard of the hotel was not up to the mark, the facilities was lacking the quality, the costing of business was high as it is shown in the appendix, so there was a requirement of changes in the marketing strategy.

So I we would like to recommendation for my current strategy.

  • We should have to collect feedback from the customer so that we can know the quality of the service and product and need of the organization.
  • They should consider according their internal analysis with the internal customer because they are the important who provide the service to the customer, so new ideas of motivation staff should be identify so the staff are happy in the organization. In the form of money, appraisal, or facilities to the customer.
  • Business performance check may be consider for analysis the cost of production, like the labor turnover, sales report so that the proper budgeting
  • Employee empowerment should be implemented so the problem can be considered at that point of movement.
  • The hotels have to arrange the various themed dinning or food festivals to attract the guest and make the staff to attract more with the guest and will make our menu more recognized by the guest.
  • The organization have to generate more contacts with the outer market, so they can offer more varieties of service and facilities like tour guide so the customer can get all the facilities in the one roof and more generation of cash can be generated


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