Polymethyl Methacrylate

Country of production:

United Arab Emirates

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Plexiglas also known as Poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) is a transparent thermoplastic.

The Product:

Plexiglas is scientifically known as Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA). Chemically, it is the synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate. Plexiglas has unique characteristics that make it thermoplastic and a transparent plastic. Plexiglas serves as an alternative to glass, and is often used for that matter.

It's Origins:

Plexiglas or Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) was originally made in 1928 in worldwide laboratories; however it was first introduced to the international market in 1933 by a German company by the name of Rohm and Haas also known as (Gmbh & Co. KG).

Plexiglas has various trade names, the most commonly known ones are:

* Acrylic (most commonly used)

* Acrylic Glass

* Acryplast

* Acrylite

* Altuglass

* Plexiglas

* Perspex

* Plazcryl

* Lucite

Properties of Plexiglas or Acrylic (PMMA) include:

* It is transparent

* Allows for and passes on more light than glass (92% more)

* Clearer than regular glass

* Flexible

* Easy to use

* Easy to handle

* Easy to mold

* Easy to process

* It does not break

* Is smooth and softer than glass

* Is lighter in density than glass

* Is easily scratched, therefore a scratch resistant coat should be applied when needed

* Does not block UV light, unlike glass, Plexiglass or PMMA allows for the passage of UV lights, this can be prevented by applying a coat of UV films when needed

* Can be easily joined by the simple use of Superglue

* Can be easily polished to allow for full transparency

* Can be easily fixed when cracked

* Costs less than natural glass yet has similar and better properties than glass

* Have reflecting and refracting light properties.

Uses of Plexiglas (PMMA):

Some of its main uses include:

* To build huge projects that require a large consumption of glass or glass related material

* Is mainly used for and allows the construction of huge Aquariums. Some of these worldwide known aquariums that were built from Acrylic include Dubai Aquarium, Tokyo Sea Life Park, etc.

* Allowed for the building of commercial and residential aquariums

* Used in the health and medical sectors for medical tools and supplies, for example used as focal lenses.

* Used in the automobile industry as the car lenses that cover the cars exterior lights

* Serves as transparent substitute to glass

* Used in Ice Hokey rings as the protective glass shield

* Used in the making of motorcycle helmets as the vision part

* Is used in police cars as protective vision shields that block thrown objects

* Due to its light weight and transparent abilities it is used in racing automobiles instead of the glass windows

* Most widely used in aircraft construction as Acrylic sheets that make up the aircraft windows

* Used in cosmetic surgery

* Used in dental filling

* Used in the fashion industry to make shoes, heels in particular.

* Used in the music industry to make electric guitars that are transparent


France's architecture environment is very high and is innovative in its techniques and nature. Plexiglas is a new modern material that is vital and extremely helpful in buildings and construction of modern architecture and environmental friendly buildings.

With France's open society to architectural innovativeness and modern science, the Plexiglas would be easily introduced to the French market since the French are known for their architecture and creativity in construction. With all its modern uses and unique properties Plexiglas or PMMA is expected to easily fit in to the French market and benefit it and its related industries. Since our product PMMA commonly known as Plexiglas or Acrylic has a wide variety of unique properties and meets a lot of uses, it could meet the creativity of the French Market. Plexiglas is commonly used in the medical fields of cosmetic surgery, dentistry, surgery, etc and in the building and construction field, in the automobile industry, and is used in many other industry types as well. Since France is a non-oil export country it depends on other countries to fulfill its demand for oil, oil products and refineries and energy resources. Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) is a oil product that allowed for creativity and ease of production in different industry sectors, but most importantly the building and development industry of Architecture.

Main Goal and objectives:

Our main aim by choosing and marketing this product internationally, a product that is produced in the United Arab Emirates, the country of our residence to France is for two main purposes.

First is to expand our market growth by out sourcing and expanding our products to the international market, and the second is to meet the needs of the international market which in this case is the French market.

Advantages of entering the French Market

Our goal is to expand our product and reach the French market effectively and efficiently. Since we are a national company of the Emirates, an oil distributing country, we have the advantage of being a sought after market. Oil countries such as the United Arab Emirates, control the world markets in which they serve as the main providers for oil, natural gas, oil products, and most of all energy. It is to our advantage that one of France's main imports is oil and oil products, since it is the main source of energy that generates the country and its daily activities. The French market is not popularly known for its production and distribution of oil products, mainly since France is not an oil producing nation. Therefore, by entering the market in the right ways and on the right terms, by implementing our objectives through a smart pricing technique, and by segmenting the French society down to our industry and industries of interest, we could be very successful in entering this new foreign market and therefore gain competitive advantage and customer loyalty over our perceived competitors. To make it more clear here is a list of the potential advantages that we have in entering the French market:

* We come from a worldwide known oil producing nation

* We come from a country that's known exceptionally for its successful businesses, dedication and creativity. The UAE is known worldwide as a center for business transactions.

* We make and distribute oil products that are needed worldwide.

* The UAE is a trusted and friendly country

* We have strong trade ties and alliances with France

Disadvantages and difficulties that we might face by entering the French Market:

Some of the major difficulties that we as an international company might face when entering the French market are related with the French government rules and regulations on international trade. Difficulties that we are expected to face arise from the French trade tariffs on world imports to France, taxation on imported goods and services, over pricing of imported goods and services, sudden change in the climate of the local market industry, French market segment and society unacceptable to change, patriotism and advantage of buying national products rather than internationally imported ones. However, non-governmental disadvantages and difficulties are also associated with our case. One f the major and vital disadvantages of entering a foreign market is communication. The French society in particular is known to be a closed society in terms of communication. Out of all the European societies the French are known to be the most patriotic in terms of communication. The French citizens take great pride in their language and are not open about speaking other languages especially English which serves as an International language. Therefore, the presence of a third party translator is very important. Failure to do so will result in miscommunication and misinterpretation between both parties and the whole deal might go off. Communication is a major factor in conducting business transactions internationally. This lack of communication might be the main risk that leads to failure of the business.

All of these difficulties might serve to our disadvantage in the French market if we do not take the necessary procedures. In order to avoid some of these disadvantages we must:

* Follow the rules and regulations of the country we're entering

* Provide all the necessary documents that are needed for international business transactions

* Identify our competitors and outgrow them through the use of competitive intelligence

* Come up with a cost-effective pricing strategy

* Gain field knowledge and field experience before entering the market by conducting field experiments, and so on

With the pursuing of this transaction and market expansion there are a lot of risk factors associated with it. Some of the major risks include:

* failure to enter the market due to strict entery barriers

* failure to meet customer satisfaction, needs and preferences

* difference in culture and market environment expectations

* failure to understand and adapt to the French culture and society and meet their expectations

* lack of knowledge

* the intolerance of the French society and inability to adapt to change and accept international products

* patriotism and political issues that might arise doubts and ethnocentricity among the French market

Target Market:

Since we are a big oil industry that manufacture and produce oil products, Plexiglas in particular, in large amounts and deal mainly with wholesale retailers, we have positioned ourselves to deal directly with and only through Business to Business distribution methods. We are not interested in the secondary consumer market. Our company is a large manufacturer of Plexiglas in all forms and shapes. Our aim is to supply French business markets in different industry sectors like medical, architectural firms, automobile industry, aircraft manufacturers, etc all the major industries in France with Plexiglas based on their demand and consumption pattern.

Our plan is to first gather information about the French plastic industry and conduct research based on

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