Sony's 3DTV Bravia

Product of new marketing mix for Sony's 3DTV Bravia based on your market research findings


As early as in the 1920s, John Logie Baird, one of the TV pioneers, dreamed of developing high-quality, three-dimensional (3D) colour TV, as only such a TV system would provide the most natural viewing experience(Hills 1996). Three-dimensional broadcast television (3D TV) is believed by many to be the next logical development towards a more natural and life-like visual home entertainment experience. Harvey and Kendall (2010) states that “They are counting on the recent billion-dollar success of 3-D movies, especially James Cameron's Avatar, to jump-start the transition. Sport, in particular the World Cup, is also set to be a major catalyst.” then 3D technology has begun to integrate into people's lives. Many manufacturers and broadcasters began the development of 3d TV in the trend of technological growth; Sony is one of those competitors.

This assignment is organized into four distinct parts. First of all, produce a product mix for Sony's 3DTV Bravia. In the second place, product and place mix for Sony's 3DTV Bravia. In addition, produce a pricing mix for Sony's 3DTV Bravia. Finally, produce an above the line promotion mix for Sony's 3DTV Bravia. In this assignment, it will do a SWOT analysis for Sony's 3DTV Bravia and analysis survey findings.

Produce a product mix for Sony's 3DTV Bravia

Sony has a variety of products ranging from electronic devices, games and entertainment. In result of briefly Sony products can be categorized in the major product. For example, Television and projectors, home video, game and other accessories.

Sony Company adopts a variety of product strategies to opera 3DTV. Then, those marketing product strategies get more profits. To begin with, when Sony introduced 3DTV, it also provides other related electronic products, so that customers can not only enjoy the 3d television, but also can play 3D games. This product strategy attracts difference level of age people to buy TV. The company planned to launch 3D-capable Bravia TV sets and Blu-ray Disc players as well as adding 3D to the PlayStation 3. Sony's plans for the latter two products are already becoming clear: the Blu-ray Disc Association is working on a 3D disc standard while Sony plans to add 3D to all models of the PlayStation 3 via a firmware update. (Williams, 2009) furthermore, Sony sets up a confidence aim and guess future of market share. The product portfolio strategy can be show in the marketing plan. Lewis (2010) claims that Sony's aims to generate more than $11 billion (£6.61 billion) in annual sales from the full range of 3D products. Moreover, Sony expects that 3D televisions will occupy between 30 percent and 50 percent of all 3DTV marketing share in the financial year that begins in April 2012. (Williams, 2009).in the third place, branding strategy is playing a new role because the company announced “make.believe”. it means aims to unite Sony's communication across electronics, games, film, music, mobile phones and network services.(Kemp, 2009) then, “In addition to reigniting the innovative spirit of our employees and our products, make.believe will differentiate us from countless competitors and inspire consumers around the world to embrace all that is Sony”(stringer,2009) this new branding sentence not only motivate employee, but also it can attract more customs Allow customers to get better quality products and services.

Sony has better strategies of product mix for 3DTV Bravia, it decides long-term marketing share plan and it has made a relatively complete product chain, so that customers get more choice, while the company earns more profits. On the other hand, Sony will also face competition from rivals, Samsung and Toshiba will be his main rival of marketing.

Product and place mix for Sony's 3DTV Bravia

Distribution (or "Place") is the fourth traditional element of the marketing mix. The other three are Product, Price and Promotion. A brief explanation of different channels of distribution is given below: 1. Manufacturer ---Customer 2.Manufacturer-Retailer---Customer and 3.Manufacturer-Wholesaler--Retailer---Customer. Sony adopts second channel of distribution and Sony centre is a better example to explain this channel. This channel of distribution is suitable for Sony because it can enhance deliver the goods and exhausting company resource as they learn how to destitution faster. Moreover, this channel also can reduce exchange time and cost. Reducing distribution costs by being experienced at what they do.

Sony centre is playing an important role in their channel of distribution. First of all, Sony Center includes a mix of shops, restaurants, a conference centre, hotel rooms, luxurious rented suites and condominiums, offices, art and film museums, cinemas, an IMAX theater, a small version of LEGO land, and a "Sony Style" store(David,2010) furthermore, custom can buy some the newest product in the Sony centre store.


2010: when 3D makes the shift from cinema to home

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