The camlin company.


Camlin Marker is brand of CAMLIN Company.


Camlin was established by Mr. Dandekar in his living Quarters in Mumbai in 1931. Camlin started operations with Horse ink powders and tablets, followed shortly by Camel ink. Today, the company manufactures art and stationery material and sells products like colors, fountain pens, pencils, adhesives and inks. It is also a market leader in colors space with presence across segments like writing instruments and scholastic.

The company can leverage its strong brands namely Camel and Camlin and wide distribution network across the country.


AS we know that advertising strategy is nothing but giving outlines that tells what needs to be communicated. So in this advertisement they use The cultural nuances strategy to influence Indian consumer.

The Cultural Nuances

In this advertisement strategy it give outline what advertisement need to communicated . so company choose cultural nuances In India, as we know that jewellery (red bangles) and a vermilion mark on a woman's forehead (calledbindi) are symbols of a married woman. Traditionally, in Hindu custom, the husband applies vermilion on the wife's forehead as it is believed to be connected to his own lifeline. When a woman becomes a widow, she removes all such symbols that depict her married status. In some customs, professional mourners (called Rudaalis) strip the woman of these symbols.

Camlin Permanent Markers commercial, created by Lowe-Lintas Mumbai, India, as an example, which depicts cultural nuances in India with a difference advert t he Commercial with a Difference.

The ad starts with a word/copy prelude on screen that explains the above nuances. An ailing man is sleeping on a cot inside a hut. He is breathing with difficulty. Near him is a woman, wearing all signs of a married woman. One can construe she is his wife. There are women in black sitting outside the hut, who are professional mourners, ready to do their duties, should the man die. The man suddenly heaves and his breathing stops. He is obviously dead.

The mourners scream in anguish and start removing all symbols of marriage off the wife, even as she sits dazed, not believing her husband is dead. The bangles are broken in frenzy. Then comes the turn of the vermilion to be removed. But what's this? The mourners try rubbing and wiping off the vermilion, but it refuses to come off. They keep trying. But are perplexed as the vermilion remains stubborn and vibrant red on the woman's forehead.. Then all of a sudden the man on the cot wheezes and wakes up. He is alive after all. He gazes lovingly at his wife, who at last has a smile on her face.

Cut to a flashback. The wife shows a vermillion box to her husband so he can apply it on her forehead. In a fit of jest, or call it whimsy, the husband decides to use a Camlin permanent marker instead and applies the bindi: the symbol of marriage on his wife's forehead.

Few more strategies like in ad where Housekeeping boys hired to clean hoardings in the city? Not really. The new Camlin permanent markers mobile van hoarding advertisement, which sports three motorised cut-outs of housekeeping boys apparently trying desperately to wipe off the words 'Really Permanent', caught the attention of motorists in the city.

Camlin permanent marker's agency, Lowe Lintas, devised a cool concept for the brand to advertise the product. The simple but eye-catching hoarding, with the three cut-out men having mechanically-backed moving limbs, trying to wipe off the words written in bright red, also displays the product - the permanent marker.

The voice-over and super with pack shot of Camlin comes up. "Camlin Permanent Markers, Rea lly permanent". adverisement match with the message it want to convey.

BIG IDEA: it is the idea that advertiser select for communicating the strategy in creative it could be specific of ad in campaign to keep advertisement current and fresh.

Here Big idea that comes out of this add is that we should abolish Sati tradition that still exists in rural parts of India. This Ad is a parody on the Rudali custom in India. Hopefully this shameful and humiliating custom has by now joined the ranks of Sati and Child marriage in the dustbin of history where i fervently hope it will soon be joined by the likes of the caste system and female infanticide. so this is for short term and this is frequently changing. So here camlin come with idea to abolished system to come with concept and consumer would attracted by the new idea.

CREATIVE EXECUTION: to make consumer attract towards ad or more influence they Use humor concept or ad .

Humor has a universal language. It doesn't need degrees in obscure languages, hardly ever in Clinical Psychology and it is one of the few devices used to make people smile and think at the same time. Great messages have been passed in the guise of humor, great authors and playwrights have used it over the centuries. If there are great tragedies there are also great comedies. So is it surprising that advertising has used this medium to sell a wide spectrum of products.

Humor has always got our attention. It could be controversial, subtle, blatant or slapstick. However it is used, humor sticks. Ad makers often take the commonplace and make them more exotic, twisted or just different enough to create an impact.

Now coming onto this Camlin Marker Advertisement. This ad has a small window of 30 to 60 seconds to try and capture the target audience and get the message across. The effect of this ads is felt by all of us in our daily lives through the cultural symbol of vermilion which denotes the longevity of a husband's lifeline, the ad cleverly portrays a tongue-in-cheek message that the Camlin permanent mark is too permanent to be removed easily.


these are the short term actions to be taken .so camlin use this concept by giving ad online in youtube, in between serials ,television etc. so for short term to make recall of brand they come with this cultural ad which conveying cultural traditions of a country need not appear alien to the rest of the world. In fact, a great idea in the right context can be universally memorable.

Decoding cultural nuances can often be a challenge. But some campaigns depicting typical cultural scenarios have been understood and have succeeded to leave an indelible a mark universally.

So,Take the Camlin Permanent Markers commercial, it was created by Lowe-Lintas Mumbai, India, as an example, which depicts cultural nuances in India with a difference.


Thecommercialhas been viewed, understood and applauded in India. It has raked in significant results for Camlin markers too. It did not stop there...The commercial has been decoded in countries outside India too. The prelude to the ad and the vibrant simplicity was not too hard to follow even in countries like Japan. Indeed, NTV in Japan has declared this commercial as the World's Greatest Commercial, and broadcast it on February 15, 2010 across 31 stations.

Awesome job for such a low involvement product. In other words, nobody really cares what permanent marker they use. But the ad is entertaining enough for one to remember Camlin. It's a creative concept and for the first time you watch it, it's hilarious! Plus, a good setting, appropriate background music, the lamp blowing off everything gels well. Yes, of course it'sexaggerated but that's what brings the point across. And that's what makes it funny. No, you never use a marker instead of "sindoor" and your husband ain't coming back from the dead. And Camlin is definitely not implying that either. Just a very unique way to communicate the fact that the marker is permanent and to produce an ad that is easy to remember. Marketing jargon? Brilliant ad to increase Top of Mind Recall.

However, only Indians would probably understand what going on as you needs to be able to fully comprehend the radical consequences, a woman faces upon losing her husband in rural India. And of course the importance of the red "sindoor", the mark of a married woman. The first screen of text does give some background on this Indian tradition, but it's easy to miss.

What a great testimony to the fact that a cultural nuance of one country can create an impact.

Use of IMC Concept :

IMC is coordinating all the promotional and other marketing activities that communicate with a firm's customers and other stakeholders and The key here is coordination or integration.

Because integration helps in :

  • Consistency, else confusion
  • Clarity,
  • Impact, since diff tools have diff strengths
  • The tools of IMC thus need to be integrated
  • Why are AD, SP, PR and DM clubbed together?
  • All communicate
  • All aim to persuade; Persuasion is the aim
  • E.g. Wooing a girl involves different activities, seemingly unrelated!
  • Should never deviate from a brand's position

Here camlin in this advertisement using integrated market communication concept by putting a clear cut message which link this advertisement with the tagline a permanent marker. So after adopting IMC concept In Feb 2007 Camlin permanent markers came out with a deadly campaign which was emotional with a tinge of humour in it. The message given was 'Camlin permanent markers... really permanent'. The way this commercial was put forward, i think was the best way one can do. Camlin markers and pens comes under the category of 'low involvement products', so genre humour was perfectly apt.

Conclusion :

wahat I analyse is that this advertisement help in giving a clear cut message to customer and credible source for company because humours ad can retain or recall in mind of consumer for longer time .

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