Hilton Group

Hilton Group Plc's Organizational Culture, Leadership, Devlopement and motivation in critical evaluate.

Q/3:- With reference to relevant academic sources on both organisational and national culture, explain the issues that can potentially arise in such change situations and critically appraise the strategies adopted by Hilton to support cultural integration.


Ladbroke Group Plc [Hilton Group Plc called in 05/1999] bought HiltonHotel Corporation in 1987.Currently, the company already had establishedas one of Britain's import bookmakers.In 1997, the Company and Hilton Hotel Corporation reunited below a strategic relationship that includes joint marketing, Hilton BrandPackage, a combine registration system and united loyaltyprogram, as well as a regular brand image across the world.Pursuant toThese arrangements, Hilton International, Hilton Hotel Corporation provides a unique license México Hilton name, and brand in Canada and grant franchises under Caribbean island of St. John.Company and established a joint Hilton Hotel Corporation fifty/fifty Conrad luxury brand related enterprises.The Hilton International hotels division has grown from two and systematically gain.In March 1999, Hilton achievement The Stakis International Plc and, in June 2001, it developed Scandic Hotels.

Hilton International Hotels Division and Health conducted a Living Well 92 fitness clubs and businesses around the world are about approximately 1,54,000 members.


Make a some of the Implementation strategy of firm established annual goals, policies need advice, to motivate and support staff that prepared the allocation strategy can be executed in the Hilton Group plc.The strategy includes a strategy to implement ion of cultural support, creating an effective organizational structure, re-direct marketing efforts, preparing budgets, developing and information system and organizational performance, employee compensation uniting.


The Most of Company's Organization Structure is always upon to depend on management system in operation and culture environment. The Hilton Group also depend on this different types of structure perform in the effect of organisation.

1. Traditional Structure

* Functional Structure

* Staff Structure

2. Department (Divisional) Structure

* Production & Manufacturing Structure

* Market Structure

* Geographical Structure

3. Matrix Structure


The Hilton's structure affects the behaviour of people and employee - between the units rivalry, competition for resources, collaborative spirit, teamWork, internal politics and belief system to all affected how people work, how they approach work and hard work will be of course, their performance.


Efficiency and Effectiveness with which infrastructure work is effecting, but more importantly of The Hilton's howto
organisation serve their customers to effective service.Towards disunity, lack of cross-integration of work and inconsistentbehaviour of service customers' perception will affect.


Hilton's organizational culture, basic assumptions, values and belief system of the organization as a whole.
Various elements of the organizations own culture can be.That, or can display different valuation, in
Conflict with corporate culture. The Hilton's project team could culture their own informal group who may not fully
joint with corporate culture.


The Hilton is a big organizational company so its corporate culture, basic assumptions, values and belief system formally includes the head of an organizationcoalition.Often this means senior officials and enterprise owners, but staff members (co-operatives) may include Trade unions and government.Basic beliefs, values and beliefs of the founder of an organizationcan affect an organization's major coalition organization long after they have left.


The Hilton's Organization development research we could considered Kurt Lewin's 3-step model. In this model demonstrated the most effective group norms and consensus decision-making to separate and organisational behaviour. This model it can be also research programmes included load indicators and the effect of group discussion and commitment in changing eating habits.

The process of change comprises of three stages:

· Unfreezing: create the initial motivation to change by convincing staff of the undesirability of the present situation;

· The change process itself: mainly concerned with identifying what the new behaviour or norm should be. This stage will often involve new information being communicated and new attitudes, culture and concepts being adopted.

· Refreezing or stabilising the change: implying reinforcement of the new pattern of work or behaviour by rewards (praise etc.). Develop the belief that the changed situation satisfies organisational and personal values.

1. We can show steps include in plan revolution processes.As a cyclical process of an Organisation Development research change is shown.Round circle working with clients and representative of change recruited by the work begins with a series of planning.A primary diagnosis of the main component of this stage, data collection, outcome feedback, and added combine action plan. In the language of systems article, this step contribution, the customer systems as yet unknown is alert of the problems, shows the effect of changes required to help output, maybe the problem-solving and agencyprocess is with the ordinary stock.

2. The second stage of (OD) action research plan, or changes, phase.Related to the studying process at this stage and planning and implementing behaviour change in client organizations, add the action.In Figure 1, the category of reply shown by a response Loop will be taken and plan to change the past with the actual of well recognize the impact of changing customer systems will transport to educational activities

3. The third part of the (OD) research production, or outcome, stage.The platform includes real change in reaction. If any resulting from corrective action ratio taken the next second stage.Data collected from customer systems again can be set so that progress and modification may be needed in the learning activities.Such minor modify feedback loop see In Figure 1 B activity change in the Ordnance Depot project will revenue to this stage


In that case The Hilton Group Plc's Organisation culture is analytical –learning search problem and explain process adds in to the customer service systems. This data in the form of a printed report has not come quickly, but quick response into the open joint session, and client and change agent to identify specific problems and ranking co-operation, ways to discover their real reasonsin preparation, and plans to compete with them in developing realistic and practical.As a Hospitality method of data assembly, Customer satisfaction, Cleaness, accuracy, measuring results and management however, as strictly followed as a rule so it could be make lots of customer ratio.

Q/4:- . Using your knowledge of team leadership, development and motivation, critically evaluate the approach used by Hilton to support achievement of this core value.


In the leadership today highly environment to think a something new against another person. In the Hilton Group plc employee makes to that so effective, attractive, dynamic, problem solver and other technically well set team.

This idea stems from environmental leaders that each person their own identity from various environments that bring out different aspects, and each aspect in each environment is driven by emotionally charged ideas ...Through education and awareness creates a platform where an emotional person and others need to fill more conscious of when and how they affect individual and team emotional gratifications.To determine the 'response to their environment rather than efficiency "is completed by.

The role of an environmental leader and the group's passion and direction to a group dynamic is created.The leader of a group that the group needs to develop emotional and psychological support within one system does.


· MANAGMENT: - In The Hilton Group plc role of management in this organization is to describe, control and keep a check always the employees to attain the specific goals which are settledby the organizations. In my opinion the principal role of the Hilton's management is to facilitate the of the employees and to create such a various environmentin which the employees may get more motivation to do work.

The Hilton's management could ne crest a innovative and flexible culture in the group. Culture could be a big advantage in this organisation because it plays a significant role. Hilton's management could be also set the goal in collaborate with employee they provide a better new idea. In this management also evaluate the employee to achieve their target.

· LEADERSHIP: - The Hilton group's organization as a group in that employee staff and the management staff working for each other under the common organisational structure to achieve the target. Leadership could also practice organizational leadership principles and skills, organizational behaviour, organizational learning, and organizational improvement. The Hilton's this leadership policy also achieve the continuous increasing of the culture, performance, and producing of the organization.


The Hilton Group Plc also focuses the leadership styles depend on leader's behaviour, result of philosophy, personality and experience of the leader. Here Kurt Lewin and some other philosopher declare some different types of leadership so we can be also think on this way to make a better organising management.

Bureaucratic, Autocratic, Democratic or Laissez-Faire (Free Reign) Leadership.

1. Bureaucratic: - A leader who uses fear and threats to get jobs done.As a leader, an authoritarian leadership style which uses the leader with all this style also makes the same decision.

2. Autocratic: - Under the authoritarian leadership style, as a leader in federal decision-making powers is shown that leaders are rulers.

3. Democratic: - Democratic leadership style, decision as a favour done by group, as leader, after consulting group offers instruction.

He won the support of your group and can encourage effective and positive.Democratic leader of the group members because they unilaterally decided by them in consultation with the Partnership are not born with as dictator.

4. Laissez-Faire (Free Reign):- A free rein leader does not lead, but the group showed itself as a complete leaf, a leader allows subordinates more and more freedom.

They are given generous in deciding its policies and practices.Free rein leadership style autocratic style is considered better.But this is as democratic style is not as effective.


Hilton's build a two dimensional factor build on employee behaviour of his work. They can be also added in there company policy, supervision, salary and working condition rather than motivators. As per his theory the absence of the factor creates a job satisfaction but their present doesn't match there. In that case Hilton Group also find out a five motivate element were strong job satisfaction.

1. Achievement

2. Responsibility

3. Advancement

4. Preconisation

5. Work it self

This point will be satisfied associated long term effective. In that case factors describe a person relationship. Many task rated dissatisfied on the other hand.


The double challenges thinking puff leadership development and improve effective leadership developing practices In the Hilton Group Plc It would be greater than best of previous. At that time we find our self carefully positive field for the future. Some of the positive trends that are the make a future both challenging and interesting for the Hilton's employee.
























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