Indigenous people of ecuador

Ecuador's Presidents

Well the president of the Republic of Ecuador Economist Rafael Correa is having a problem with the oriental part of the country of Ecuador. The problem he is having is because he didn't accomplish his promise of giving the oriental part of Ecuador the potable water he promised. Know the indigenous people want to invite President Rafael Correa to the Oriente. But Correa is afraid they are going to do something bad to him by him not accomplishing his promise. The indigenous[1] people are very mad at him. Now the indigenous people have closed the roads to the Amazon of Ecuador by car. That means that almost no one that wants to go to the Amazon can go during these days. The roads starting closing after the bridge of the Upano River. This road is on the way to go the province of Pastaza. The road was closed by the indigenous people today during mid-day, and people probably guess it will be closed till next week. The indigenous people thought this was a ceremony and celebrated with a traditional ceremony and shooting to the air a couple of times. The row till today has been closed and the only way to get to the Amazon in Ecuador now is by plane or the south. Also not only the Amazon is with potable water that the president of the republic of Ecuador Rafael Correa said he would give. He also promised the same thing of potable water the new province of Ecuador Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas. This province is affected by the same thing and they are protesting to. They are not as that mean as the Amazon people but they want the president of the Republic of Ecuador the economist Rafael Correa to pay because he hasn't accomplished his promise and not only to them but to all the Amazon.

For today new protest has been done like the indigenous group of Shuar went to the capital of the province of Morona and Santiago, Macas to do their protest again. They got to the city walking and just before they got there al the way they went doing a march with all the population of the Shuar tribe to protest for the water the president Rafael Correa promised the Amazon. They guy who closed the drive way to the Amazon is Romulo Achaco who is the president of the Shuar community. Also the president of the Shuar community Romulo Achaco told all the TV companies to keep up and don't go away that this is just the beginning of their protest. They have also closed some trails to the province of Azuay of the sierra (Andes) in the southern part of Ecuador. The trail that was closed is named the Sucua trail which takes the people from the Amazon to the Sierra or from the Azuay province to the sierra usually people from the coast use that tail because it is the easiest way to get to the Amazon by car it would probably take 8 hours because in the other trail it usually takes an entire day. Also the mayor of the province of Morona and Santiago said to the press that it's impossible for her to stop the protest because they are too violent and some people have already gone hurt. She also said that she made some chiefs from different tribes to quit and they have done it. This has been the biggest blocked road but there are plenty of them like the road Puyo-Macas in the provinces of Pastaza and Morona & Santiago. The name of the Indian tribe commanders that had to quit by obligation are Tiwinza and Santiago de Mendez. [2] The indigenous people let yesterday Tuesday for two hours the road open for cars that bring food and necessary stuff to pass and then closed it immediately and then opened it again for the trucks to go. The only question I have is what if tourists that are in the Amazon having to go back to their country like two days after are trapped there and they can't go I mean they are going to lose their flights or can't go to a civilized city till the roads open again. I hope they open soon because there are probably people that live in the Amazon that are like owners of souvenir store and they are not winning the enough money to buy food to survive. And these may be a bad thing because people are then not going to want to home because they will say that the indigenous people will protest a lot and won't let you go out.

[1] The indigenous people from Ecuador live in the east coast of the marvelous country of Ecuador. They are the people from the country that haven't modernized a lot and are still following their antique cultures and live. (UNiverso, 2009)

[2] These are not actually all of the chiefs that had to quit. These are chiefs from very famous and important tribes.

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