Obesity and healthcare payment

ž Should obese people pay more for healthcare?

ž What is obesity?

ž Obesity is the presence of excessively high amounts of body fat in relation to lean body mass

ž BMI = ≥ 30


ž Poor diet and inactivity

ž Hereditary

ž Ethnicity

ž Family Lifestyle

ž Socioeconomic Status

ž Risk factor for a range of diseases:


— Cardiovascular diseases: e.g. Coronary heart disease .

— Cancer including; breast, prostate, colon, uterine.

— High blood pressure + related complications.

— Respiratory problems.

— Metabolic syndrome; diabetes mellitus.


— Depression

○ Stress,

○ Poor Body Image,

○ Low Self-Esteem.


ž The cost of obesity plus overweight is estimated at between £6.6 billion and £7.4billion per year.

ž £49 million for treating obesity,

ž £1.1 billion for treating the consequences.

ž Indirect costs of £1.1 billion for premature deaths

ž £1.45 billion for sickness absence.

ž Why Bother?

ž 30,000 deaths a year in England due to obesity.

ž Increased burden on medical budget.

ž Middle-aged complications now appearing in children e.g. Diabetes.

ž If the percentage of obese children continues to rise at a rapid rate, the next generation will have a shorter life expectancy.

ž Obese people should pay more

ž They receive more treatment.

ž Lead high risk lifestyle.

ž Personal choice thus should take responsibility.

— Bad drivers have to pay more for car insurance due to higher risk for accidents.

— Smokers have to pay increasingly taxes for their unhealthy habit.

ž Obese People shouldn't have to pay more

ž Discrimination.

ž Tax people prone to illnesses too;

— Provide free healthcare for only healthy people

ž what about people who lead high risk lifestyles? Skydivers, rock climbers e.t.c.

ž Childhood obesity, who pays?

ž pre-existing condition or hereditary.

ž Increasing taxes does not always deter people from consuming a product;

— smokers and drinkers

ž Don't have to be obese to be unhealthy.

ž My opinion Societies fault?

ž Caused by behavioural and environmental changes in our society.

— High fat- energy dense foods easily accessible.

— Introduction of machines

ž Society should take initiative:

— Increased charge for people of a certain weight who don't make and effort.

○ how fat would you have to be to qualify to be pay more?

— Introduce continuous interventions to promote development of life-long healthy habits.

○ Education,

○ Increased taxes on junk food,

○ Decrease fat, sugar, salt content in processed foods,

○ Encourage exercise and dieting.

ž Clinical guidelines on the identification, evaluation, and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults

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