How economic class can affect children's education.

How economic class can affect children's education.

How economic class can affect children's education.

In today's society education is an essential part of pursuing a high standard life or a career. Social class and educational performance are closely related to each other. This has as a result, students from lower social class to have less access not only to the higher levels of education such as universities and colleges but also in the lower such as primary and high school.

A study conducted in the US under the title of Achieventrap that analyses data of 3.4 million k-12 children in American schools. They've found that children who come from households with incomes below the national median had score in the top quartile on nationally normed tests. They start school with weaker academic skills and are less likely to achive the top of his posibilitiel over the years in school than their peers from better income families. The results of this kind of researches aren't discouraging only in the US. In Greece by the yeas 1999 registrations in the 1st grade of Gymnasio were 131.000 students. In the 3d grade Gymnasio they were 112.000 students. 19.000 students were missing. The main reason of this disappearance is economic. Children are forced to leave school due to the very bad economic condition of their families.

The poor economy impacts education in plenty of ways startin even from dimotiko. As an example we can view some areas that are struggling economically. The standards in infrastructure are below the mean. Starting with the facilities, such as buildings, grounds, classrooms, and textbooks. This also affects the mentality of the students. Because thinking between what should they have and what they have in the actual point creates psychological obstacles for a further educational evolution. Also there is a tendency that schools that are struggling with economical problems. Place thisg such as tutoring and generally in a second level of importance. This has as a consequence the level of education from this institution to be of a lower degree than other schools that are not struggling with such problems.

Person in very early ages such as the children's enhances the process of learning by exposure to the world. At this particular age having view of different places and peoples gives a lot of simulations to the brain. But as a consequence of poverty children of poorer families by general definition travel less. In the other side we have the children of richer families have the possibility due to their wealth to see different places. Giving them an advantage in this process.

Another very important factor is not only the wealth of the family but also the mentality that they pass to their children. Some sociologists believe that this is because working class culture is fatalistic. Parents present the general bad economical situation as a fixed situation canon change. This can have as side effect children to not put many efforts in learning. And also children from these families are more likely to start school without the ability to read or could even basic things

I'd like to add that although we have free K-12 education, if a person decides to go for a higher level o education and he is form a lower social class he will have to struggle a lot. The best way to afford the university tuition is to get a job. But getting a job despite the advantage of the possibility of affording the tuition has a major disadvantage. The fact is that once a person starts working his time is limited so in order to be ok with the school demands and life in this person will have to reduce the time of sleeping or time with his family and friends. This subsequently can reduce apodosi in classes reducing the grade and have as a result fewer chances for a good master's degree.

Someone can say that you can take a loan in order to afford the heavy tuition of a college. But as soon as they graduate they will be in disadvantage, because they will be in very deep debt. Something that a student that didn't take a loan will avoid because the family of this person could afford the costs.

Closing I wanted to emphasize that the governments should put more effort in the development of more anthropocentric education systems. Create programs that will aid families withch have peoples that study.

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