Different taxi services in Cleveland

Which Are The Different Taxi Services In Cleveland

There several taxi services in Cleveland. In order to learn about the various local taxi services of Cleveland, you can access the link:


There is another web link through which you can learn about the various taxi services operational in Cleveland:


Some of the most well-known taxi operators of Cleveland are as under:

  1. Yellow Cab
  2. One Sixty Mile Transportation LLC
  3. Airport Taxi Service
  4. Area Wide Transportation
  5. LA Transportation
  6. Ace Taxi
  7. Eastside transportation
  8. Southwest Cab
  9. Americab
  10. ABC Taxi Company
  11. Anderson Taxi Service
  12. United Cab

Can You tell Me about a Taxi Service Company which Provides a Large Spectrum of Transportation Services in Cleveland

One of the taxi service companies that provide a large spectrum of transportation services is Ace TaxiCab. Ace Taxi Cab has a fleet of almost 100 vans and 50 sedans and it can provide transportation services to you in the entire Cleveland area:


The company offers exclusive services to its customers. It is in fact the only taxi companies that use a Global Positioning System (GPS). This system is very effective as it can be used track as well as dispatch different vehicles. This can help in speedening the services related to dispatch of the different vehicles and thus it can also help in improvising the customer service.

The company provides to its customers some of the most clean vehicles and also prompt responses. The vehicles provided by the company are also properly licensed. The drivers of the company are also well-trained. The company aims at servicing most of the customer requests within a time period of 10-15 minutes on an average.

The company also provides for vans which are wheelchair accessible to its customers.

Which Is One Of The Most Reliable Taxi Service Companies Operational In Cleveland Area

One of the most reliable taxi service companies that are operational in the Cleveland area is ABC Taxi Services. There are several local as well as regional transportation services provided by ABC Taxi LLC. The company provides for a very well-maintained fleet of taxicabs. You will be serviced by highly trained as well as courteous and friendly drivers.

All these services are also available to you from the company at some of the most competitive rates. As far as reliability is concerned, the company specializes in ensuring on-time deliveries and on-time pickups for its customers:


Amongst the various services that are offered by the company, some include:

  1. It provides for both local as well as distant taxi services.
  2. The company provides for door-to-door services as well as house pickups.
  3. You can also get Package and Delivery Services from this company for 24 hours in a day.
  4. You can get the services of the company on an immediate basis as well as by getting immediate advance calls.
  5. Transportation services are provided by the company to different restaurants, hotels, motels, airports, grocery stores, hospitals, clinics, etc.

Is There Any Premier Taxi Service Company Operational In Cleveland

One of the premier taxi service companies operational in Cleveland area is One Sixty Mile Transportation LLC. The company aims at offering personalized services to its customers and believes in delivering utmost comfort to its customers:


The company aims at delivering one of the finest transportation services to its customers. Amongst the various services offered by the company, some include:

  1. It can offer you pick up services from your home, business place, from Amtrak stations, from bus stations, or from the airport, etc.
  2. The company provides quality transportation services at great prices to its customers.
  3. The services offered by the company are also completely licensed and fully insured.
  4. The company employs some of the well-trained and experienced drivers and thus you can be completely assured of reaching your destination safely.
  5. Private services are also made available to the customers by this company.
  6. Wedding Shuttle services and limo services are also provided by the company to its customers.

Are There Taxi Services Available In Order To travel To The Airport and Come Back From The Airport

Taxi services are available in order to reach up to the airport. The taxis can be hired from the area outside the luggage claim area or the flight terminal. Share taxi service is also available from the airport to go up to any location from the airport.

Thus, people can share taxis and can split the fair among them if they are traveling to the same destination in Cleveland.

There are several forms of other airport transport services are available. These include bus, luxury vehicle or a cheap van.

You can learn more about the transportation services to and from the airport by visiting the link: http://www.magicyellow.com/category/Airport_Transportation_Service/Cleveland_OH.html

What Are The Salient Features of The Taxicab Program At The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

The taxicab service program has been started by the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The prime objective of this taxi cab program is to ensure improved services for the customers. This can be ensured through delivering services via new vehicles dedicated to the airport. The new vehicles will have in-cab cameras, GPS technology a pre-decided rate structure, etc.

Additionally, the drivers of these taxis would have been given a better training with respect to customer service. A fleet of close to 75 white vehicles is being procured. These cabs will also have the logo of the airport displayed on them. The taxicab companies that have been offered to jointly operate outbound services from the Cleveland Airport include the following:

  1. Ace Taxi
  2. Yellow Cab Company
  3. Americab

However, a specified number of taxi cabs will be itself managed by a given taxicab management company. Thus, Ace Taxi will be designated to manage 35 cabs, Yellow Cab will be designated to manage 25 cabs and Americab will operate close to 15 cabs.

These companies are all allowed to provide service from the airport. However with respect to the drop off services, all other taxicab companies will also be allowed:


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