Vacation rentals in kissimmee

When staying at one of the vacation rentals in Kissimmee, make sure to visit the renowned Lake Tohopekaliga. Known commonly as Lake Toho, this 18-800 acre lake is located in the Osceola County. Known as one of Florida's best bass fishing lakes, it has hosted the Bassmaster Classic (which is like the Super Bowl in bass fishing). Staying at a Kissimmee vacation rental allows you to easily drive to this magnificent lake that has been on the top 10 of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's list of bass fishing sites in Florida.

Things to Do

There are numerous things to do around and on the lake. Many fishing companies offer flourishing tours and expeditions since the Lake has been known as one of the country's leader in Largemouth Bass fisheries. This body of water is also the perfect place to experience an airboat ride. You'll have a wonderful experience as you travel in the course of the water lock system and then to the wilderness of Florida100 years ago or more. Get a spectacular view of the outdoors and the headwaters that feed the Everglades. Lake Tohopekaliga's remarkable natural wonders will surely create lasting memories for you.

Shopping Near Lake Tohopekaliga

There are many great shopping destinations near Lake Tohopekaliga. The Loop is the shopping, entertainment and dining center in Kissimmee. It has an area of more than 400,000 square feet in a pedestrian friendly and open air area. For outlet shopping you can go to Orlando Premium Outlets and Lake Buena Factory Stores. Antique hunters will enjoy shopping down Kissimmee's historic downtown streets and St. Cloud. You'll also stumble upon well-known brands at the Florida Mall, specialty shops at Festival Bay and high-end shops at the Mall at Millenia.

Lake Tohopekaliga Nearby Attractions

Lake Tohopekaliga is a few moments away from some of the most popular attractions in Florida including the SeaWorld Orland, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. An abundance of smaller attractions can also be found nearby such as the Warbird Adventures, Green Meadows Petting Farm and Gatorland. The Old Town is another attraction that's not to be missed. It has something to offer kids of all ages. The Old Town has numerous great restaurants, exciting rides and specialty stores. The weekly car cruise is also something that classic car enthusiasts should not miss out on.

There are also several golf courses near the area for those looking to play a few games. If you want to enjoy nature, there are also plenty of wonderful outdoor attractions such as Forever Florida, Nature Conservancy's Disney Wilderness Preserve and Horse World.

Eating in Lake Tohopekaliga

The East Lake Fish Cam Restaurant and Marina is situated on East Lake Tohopekaliga. It is only a few mintues away from the attractions in the area. It's close by the Orlando International airport and roughly 30 minutes away from Universal and Disney. The East Lake Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Wind down at one of the vacation rentals in Kissimmee after a long day in Lake Tohopekaliga. Visit the Vamoose Home page by clicking here for a list of the best Kissimmee rentals. Browse by price, location or amenities.

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